Girl Trip: Hilton Head Island

by Team Scary Mommy
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You know you need a Girl Trip

Last week, we took a vacation. WITHOUT OUR KIDS. That’s right, we took a vacation with the sole intent of chilling out, laughing a lot, and spending some time thinking about our own needs for once.

The girls: Samantha (Content Editor,) Jill (Founder and EIC) and Maria (News Editor)

And it was freaking awesome.

“I need a vacation” is probably a thought that plays through your mind, daily. But you know what? You don’t just need any old “trip.” A mom’s trip usually involves packing for the family and dragging kids to a remote location that isn’t home — doesn’t that sound fun? Let’s be honest; traveling with kids is exhausting. It’s not a vacation.

Moms, when’s the last time you had a GIRL TRIP? The answer is probably “never” because as moms, we’re always so busy putting everyone else’s needs before our own, 24/7.

So we decided to get our Girl Trip on.

Where to? Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

There are a lot of families on this island, which is less annoying than it sounds (for a girls trip). You get to prance around flaunting your freedom, which is a plus. You also don’t have to worry about getting all glitzed up, because, well, families. This is not South Beach — it’s a comfortable, fun, little town. The perfect place to run around, laugh your ass off, and just be yourself.

We stayed on a resort called Sea Pines. We had a three story condo, and all got to sleep on giant king beds ALONE. Let me repeat that for those of you in the back: we slept ALONE on a king bed.

Yes, that’s a giant king bed with no one in it. And a view from one of our three decks.

It’s really easy to rent a car at the Savannah airport, and a quick one hour trip in. But once you’re at the resort and vacationing, there are bikes to rent, trolleys to hop on, or cabs you can call to get around.

Pina colada with a rum floater? Yes, please.

There are so many options on the island, you can really make the trip whatever you want. Feeling adventurous? You can take a boating tour and watch dolphins, kayak in the marshes, or even zipline. Full disclosure: we did none of that. That’s right, we guiltlessly made no plans and just did whatever the hell we wanted all day. Yes, it was a glorious as it sounds.

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We bought some Wonder Woman nightgowns:

We chilled out at the Sea Pines Beach Club, where there were chairs and umbrellas you can rent, and drink service on the beach. Seriously. Just lift the little flag on your chair, and a waitress appears. It’s dreamy.

We also managed to get our asses to the spa. The Westin Hilton Head has an incredible spa (aptly named, Heavenly) where you can book some services, take a steam, and drink mimosas. Ask for Gabriel with the magic hands.

And the food? If fresh seafood is your jam, there is a ton of it. But our favorite by far was Hudson’s — a local staple that catches their own fresh fish. And you can tell.

We may or may not have gone back the next day to have their peanut butter pie and mud pie for lunch. Okay, we did. And we didn’t have to share it with any grubby little hands.

The trip was low key. It was easy. It was exactly what you want when you’re getting the heck out of dodge for a few days. You don’t need a passport, or a ton of money and planning. We went for two nights and three days and came back ready to actually hang out with our kids.

You (yes, YOU) need a Girl Trip.

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