8-Year-Old Who Lost Her Family In A Fire Makes Viral Christmas Wish

by Ashley Austrew

This is Safyre Terry, a brave and beautiful little girl with a Christmas wish that will warm your heart: she wants to fill this card tree with 100 holiday cards.

Image via Facebook

Two years ago, Safyre lost her father, three-year-old sister, and two baby brothers to an arson attack. She was found lying in her dad’s arms — his final act was shielding her from the blaze — and she suffered severe burns on 75 percent of her body. Since then, the courageous eight-year-old has undergone more than 50 operations, lost her right hand and left foot, and continues to struggle with painful scar tissue.

Safyre’s aunt, Liz Dolder, purchased this card tree a few days ago and tells Buzzfeed that Safyre immediately got excited about filling the entire thing up. Dolder says they receive, on average, about ten cards a year, and she was worried Safyre would be disappointed when the majority of the tree was left bare. She posted about the card tree on Facebook, and a family friend, Kevin Clark, shared a request for cards that has since gone viral.

The post only went up a few days ago, but already it’s been shared almost 7,000 times and the cards are rolling in. Dolder has been posting updates on Safyre’s official Facebook page, and the little girl is clearly overjoyed. People from all over the world have commented to let Safyre know they’re supporting her and sending her some holiday cheer. Many are even leaving donations on Safyre’s YouCaring page to help with the costs of her upcoming surgeries.

Image via Facebook

There are still a little over two weeks until Christmas, and the story is getting so much attention that I think it’s safe to say little Safyre is going to need a bigger P.O. box. It’s heartwarming to watch the love pouring in from all over the world, and it gives you a true sense of what the holiday season is all about.

Christmas has become such a grandiose occasion that it’s easy to forget the simple joy of receiving a card or taking a moment out of your day to wish someone well. Safyre’s excitement over these cards is a stunning reminder that love and generosity are what really make the holidays special, and it’s easier to light up someone’s life than you might expect.

If you’d like to send a card to Safyre, you can mail one to:

P.O. Box 6126

Schenectady, NY 12306

H/T Buzzfeed