You Can Buy A Hand-Drawn Blueprint Of The 'Golden Girls' House on Etsy

by Kristine Cannon
'Golden Girls' blueprint

Sure, it may be too late to order Christmas gifts from Etsy, but it’s never too late to treat yourself from time to time. And for The Golden Girls fans, the merch is seemingly endless, from Golden Girls Monopoly and Golden Girls-themed Chia Pets to a magnet set and Funko POP! figurines. But when it comes to Golden Girls-themed home decor, this might take the cake: a hand-drawn blueprint of the Golden Girls house.

Starting at $49, this beautifully drawn blueprint is artist Brandi Roberts’ “fictional rendering of what America’s favorite senior citizens’ fictional home may have looked like,” the item description on Etsy states. The rendering of the large Miami home — which four women share, including Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia — has it all: four bedrooms, two full baths, one half bath, a large kitchen, a sun room, lanai, and a double-car garage. Oh, and Roberts even included lush landscaping.

“I’ve noted all the funny and important details that make this house so special,” Roberts writes. “From Rose’s snow globe to a string of pearls on her side table. From Dorothy’s slouchy boots on her bedroom floor to Sofia’s straw purse on her bed. Blanche’s room has an assortment of items, including a mirror over her bed, a banana tree head-board with matching accessories, and pastel pants-suits in the closet.”

See what we mean when we say “it has it all”? Roberts’ floor plan is so detailed, you can tell she’s a fellow diehard fan of the NBC comedy series that ended nearly 30 years ago. Plus, the hand-drawn tribute makes for a beautiful addition to any home’s walls.

Prices range based on size, from $49 for a 11″x17″ to $85 for a signed, 13″ by 19″ blueprint. Roberts has more than 270 blueprints for sale on Etsy, including the office in, well, The Office; Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in Sex and the City; the Brady Bunch house, and much more.

But Roberts isn’t the only artist selling blueprints. In 2016, Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde caught the attention of Today with his hand-drawn floor plans of not only the Golden Girls home, but also Chandler and Joey and Monica and Rachel’s apartments on Friends, the Gilmore Girls home, the apartments on The Big Bang Theory, and more.

“In total, I need about 30 to 40 hours to complete one floor plan from zero to the final uploaded result,” he told Today Home at the time, adding that he started drawing the floorplans five or six years prior with the Frasier apartment. “I made the floor plan as a personal treat. I really like the series and his elegant apartment.”

He still sells his hand-drawn floorpans on Etsy — nearly 140 of them.