GQ's Idea Of 'Stocky' Has Twitter Dying Laughing

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter/GQ

GQ suggested swim shorts for “stocky” men and the internet burst out laughing

Us women are used to pop culture and society at large telling us how we need to look. One need go no further than a typical women’s magazine cover to get a small taste of the unhealthy body ideals projected on us. It’s not often that men are given the same infuriating treatment, but today, the tables have turned. Hilariously.

GQ Magazine, bless their hearts, decided to show the “stocky” men of the world what kind of swim shorts work for their huskier builds. Whether the bathing suits suggested in the roundup actually flatter bigger bodies is beside the point — it’s the ridiculous stock photo chosen to represent dudes with a little extra meat on their bones that has people raising a brow.

Yup. That’s a crew of meaty dudes alright. Such husky, much stock. I think one of them might only have six abs instead of 10.

The ridiculousness was absolutely not lost on Twitter with people having a field day mocking the idea that these extremely trim men are even a little thicc.

So relatable.

I mean, when you picture “stocky” it’s 8-pack abs and two percent body fat that comes to mind, amirite?

Honestly, this deserves all the side-eye.


While I’ll admit to feeling a certain amount of glee watching men deal with the same shit women have for decades, I take no real pleasure in the idea that anyone’s made to feel ashamed of their appearance. But I won’t lie — it’s still mildly satisfying to see that we gals aren’t the only ones targeted by this nonsense. Welcome to our world, dudes.