Grandad And Grandson Share 'Matching Zippers' Heart Surgery Scars

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A grandfather and grandson both underwent heart surgery and were photographed together

Brandy Gregware posted a touching photo on Facebook last week that shows just how precious our time with loved ones is. Her father and her infant son both underwent heart surgery, and a photographer caught the incredible bond they two have in a gorgeous photo.

Gregware explains that her father has had two open heart surgeries, 18 stents, a pacemaker, deflator, artery disease, he’s a diabetic, he’s had a massive stroke,”too many to count mini heart attacks and has 10% heart function.” In addition to her father being in the hospital recovering from surgery, her son Kolbie had his first open heart surgery when he was four months old. She explains he was born with a heart defect, pulmonary vein stenosis, pulmonary hypertension, chronic lung disease, kidney disease, and Down syndrome. “He is 10 months old and has spent 7 of those months in the hospital,” his mom explains.

She explains about her father, “They were able to put him a medicine that helps his heart beat a little stronger. Once the medicine is no longer effective we will be saying our good byes.”

Sunshine Moody Photography took an amazing image of both of them that Gregware shared on her Facebook page.

Image via Sunshine Moody Photography

The photographer, Sunshine Moody, had a baby in the same NICU in 2012. When she learned of Kolbie’s story from a friend, she offered a free photo shoot to the family, and caught this beautiful image. “My daughter was born very premature and was in the same NICU as Kolbie,” she tells Scary Mommy. “She is now three about to turn four and is a very energetic red head.”

“Today, I photographed two of the strongest people I’ve ever met,” she wrote on her photography page. “One life is just beginning while the other is coming to an end. Kolbie and and his grandpa both have heart surgery zipper scars. Both of them have been through a lot this past year. And, as you can see, Kolbie loves looking at his grandpa and his grandpa sure loves him!”

Sunshine also caught a gorgeous photo of Kolbie and his twin brother Kash:

Image via Sunshine Moody Photography

“This past year has been extremely hard for our family because BOTH have been in and out of the hospital,” Gregware explains. There have been times her family did not know if either of them would make it home. “I sit and watch my dad hold Kolbie for hours and they chat about their matching zippers!! You can definitely see the love and bond these two miracle fighters have in this picture!!”

Moody says she looks forward to “many more shoots in the future.”

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