Grandma Tries Making Grandson A Shark Blanket, Hilariously Fails

by Mike Julianelle
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Image via Imgur

It didn’t exactly turn out as planned

A well-meaning grandma just wanted to keep her grandson warm with a cool shark blanket. The end result was almost certainly not what she had in mind.

A user on Imgur has the details of the world’s most unintentionally hilarious blanket. And also the world’s most disturbing blanket.

First things first: it’s supposed to be a fin. While we can all agree that ain’t no fin, she thought she was making a fin.

Moving on…

There are only two things we care about.

1) Does the kid know?

He looks pretty young, and we can’t read his expression! Is he amused or bemused or confused or embarrassed? Maybe he’s totally oblivious and he’s just plain pleased with his gift. We’d love to ask him.

2) When did she realize it?

I’m no seamstress, but it seems clear to me that the crafting of the fin occurred somewhere in the middle? Maybe? She could have stopped, is my point. But she didn’t. One can only assume she was confident in the fact that the epic shark blanket she was making for her grandson was going to have one hell of a fin. Which means she probably didn’t know until she saw the shark in action. I just hope she’s okay.

Let’s cut grandma some slack. We can imagine her working away, totally thrilled with herself for being so on-trend (sharks are cool these days!) and just oblivious to what she was creating. The poor lady was trying to make something fun for her grandson and clearly had no idea how it would look once positioned on an actual person. We’ve all been on the receiving end of some questionable gifts, but this one definitely takes the cake.

And then there’s the kid. There’s no pleasant way out of this situation. It can’t be returned! You can’t just castrate the poor shark. (And again, I’m no seamstress – patching that blanket up would require some delicate work.) Besides, the kid doesn’t want to hurt his grandma’s feelings. You know his parents force him to cozy up in it every time she visits.

Hey, at least it looks warm, even though it’s a tad R-rated.

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