Grandma Uses Store Comment Card To Complain About Her Grandson

by Jerriann Sullivan

Kroger store displayed comment in store for everyone to see

One feisty grandma used a store’s customer comment section to let her grandson know she is not impressed with his shitty behavior and now her hilarious note is going viral.

The note this grandma penned starts out simple enough: “I was having one of those late night cravings, you know how it is.” Indeed we do. “Anyways, I was craving yogurt covered cranberries and I just could not wait till the next day.” Her munchies led her to the local Kroger grocery store in Lexington, Kentucky. This is where she met a nice fellow named Nathaniel Hunter, who works at the store and quickly reminded her of all the ways her grandson is failing her. Nathaniel didn’t just send our unidentified grandma to the right aisle; he ensured that she got her late night snack before moving on to his other responsibilities. “Instead of mearly (sic) pointing me in the direction he walked me over to the trail mix machines,” grandma wrote in her comment card. “He then helped me navigate those darn contraptions. He even put in the number so I could print out my barcode.”

The note gets really good, though, when grandma starts trash-talking her grandson, Tyler.

“As I was leaving the store I couldn’t help but wish my own grandson could be more like Nathaniel,” she wrote. “I know that’s terrible of me to say as a grandmother.” We kind of love how she brought up her grandma guilt on the comment card. If only her grandkid didn’t suck so much. “Don’t get me wrong I love my Tyler to death, but he is so rude to me sometimes,” she explained. “Whenever I ask for computer help he just tells me to google it.” To be fair, googling it is the easiest way to fix almost anything. But Tyler should know that grandmas aren’t tech savvy enough to navigate the scary google box on their own.

Since grandma was already airing the dirty laundry, she decided to double down on the Tyler complaints, and we are here for it. “He dresses in all black and it really disturbs me,” she said. Could be a fashion preference, but grandma is not into it. “His mother says it’s only a phase, I hope so,” the note concludes. “Perhaps I’ll see Nathaniel again and I can ask him to be friends with Tyler so that he has a good influence.” Forcing friendships is the ultimate grandma power move.

The grocery chain was very proud of its star employee, so they printed out the note, highlighted Nathaniel’s name throughout it, then placed it in the front of the store for two weeks. The world’s been able to enjoy the hilarious note after an anonymous imgur user snapped a few photos of the sign. They, like us and the rest of the internet, loved this spicy grandma. “I hope they never take it down,” the person wrote alongside their pics. We hope it stays up until Tyler gets hit shit together enough that grandma wants to write him a glowing review.