'Grateful' Sons Save For 5 Years To Surprise Mom With Dream Car

by Maria Guido

Best sons ever save for years to give mom the perfect holiday surprise

Gather ’round moms. Go get all your kids and make them watch this video. Over and over again.

Australian brothers Daniel and Jason Knust posted a video to Instagram last week that shows the moment they surprised their mother, Carol, with a BMW 3 Series.

“Showing gratitude to our beautiful Mum who’s worked so hard to give us everything in life,” Daniel writes. “Compared to the sacrifices she has made for us over the years, this is nothing. A little gift to show her how much we appreciate everything she’s done for Jason and I.”

These three are too much. The sons clearly adore their mom, and she’s so stunned she can only muster, “No. No. No. No.!” Yes, mom! You did an awesome job raising these two and it looks like your hard work has paid off. In more ways than one.

“I’ve wanted to do this for 10 years, and today a long term dream came true,” Daniel writes. “Hard work pays off, and that’s something our Mum taught us from a very young age that we’ll never forget.”

“My mother first said about 10 years ago that she wanted a BMW, and we never forgot that,” Knust told TODAY. “We said that one day we would get her one and we’ve been saving up for it.” He explained that his mom worked two jobs most of their and they just wanted to show their appreciation.

“We just thought it would be nice to show how grateful we are for everything.”