10 Tips for Surviving The Grocery Store With Children

by Sarah Cottrell
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Ask any mom about taking kids to the grocery store and chances are you will see her hair turning grey on the spot from the stress of trying to survive such an ordeal. To make it through a grocery shopping adventure, try these ten sanity saving tips:

1. Hanger Prevention. The most vital step of all; make sure your kids eat a full meal before you venture out. Hungry shopping is disastrous, regardless of age.

2. Find the Fun Cart. Groan all you want, but kids love this beast on wheels. Who cares if you knock down an entire end display attempting to maneuver into the soup aisle?

3. Grab the Free Cookie(s). Grab one cookie per kid then sneakily hide an extra one in your purse because you just know that someone will chuck their cookie out of the cart and cry desperately for another. Save yourself the extra work.

4. Visit the “Aquarium”. Also known as that nasty tank of murky water filled with lobsters or crabs or whatever sea creature the fishmonger is selling. Think of it as a live biology lesson. Gather round, kids!

5. Locate the Free Sample Man. Park your cart next to him or her and tell your kids that they’re just dying to know every single knock-knock joke ever told. As they pummel this poor individual with stories about dried boogers and belching alphabets, grab 17 items off the shelves that are within 20 feet and earshot. Touchdown! 10 points for mom.

6. Play a game of “I Spy”. Who can spot the coffee station (because mommas gonna need it)? Anyone seen the inflatable Santa Claus in aisle six?

7. Take Advantage of Ambiance Shopping Music. Hello, insta-80s dance party! Kids, learn The Robot. Your turn.

8. Start Snacking on Cart Contents. “One bunny snack for you, one bunny snack for mom.” (Because, let’s be honest).

9. Go for the Self-Checkout. Let the kids scan the groceries. Sure, you may get death threats from the folks behind you, but whatever. Worst case? They’ll pitch in and help.

10. Resort to Desperate Pleading and Bribery. Can’t they just pleeeeeease follow directions? Whoever can keep their hands to themselves the longest gets a 25 cent plastic toy from the machine by the checkout!

Ok, you got us! We lied. There is simply no way to save your sanity when shopping with your little ones. Sorry, moms. Godspeed.

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