Guilty As Charged: 11 Instagram Photos We All Post

by Laurie Ulster
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I like to think of myself as different from the mainstream, but when the Huffington Post published this list of Instagram photos we’re all guilty of posting, I found out I’m a little more mainstream than I thought. I have well over half of them, sometimes in multiple versions. So I rounded up mine and then had some of the crew here at The Mid cough up theirs, too. We started with the Huffington Post list, then added a few of our own.

Are you guilty too? Fess up.

The airplane window shot

So people will know you actually travel sometimes.

The inflatable balloons/decorating shot

To show that you have something special going on. Just you.

The latte art shot

If you’re going to pay for it, you may as well show it off.

The legs by a beach or pool shot

The best way to broadcast that you’re somewhere awesome.

The cute animal shot

Of course, nobody’s ever seen a cat picture before.

The nail art shot

Getting your nails done is really boring, so this makes it worthwhile.

The fortune-from-a-fortune-cookie shot

They’re just so eerily accurate.

The weather just changed, and I saw it first shot

When you want everyone to know that you got up before they did.

The look-what-I’m-watching-on-TV shot

You know, it’s either cool or ironic, or both.

The brunch shot

To show that you’re having a lazy day, where you scoff at traditional mealtimes like breakfast and lunch.

The healthy smoothie/drink/juice shot

All those dessert pictures on your Instagram feed have been making people think you never eat anything else.

I had no idea I was this annoying! (But that doesn’t mean I’m stopping.)

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