Guy Tries To Buy His Girlfriend Makeup, Hilarity Ensues

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Guy gets hilarious beauty lesson when he tries to buy girlfriend makeup

We’re tempted to give out a Boyfriend Of The Year Award to a guy who recently tried to buy makeup for his girlfriend. Finding the perfect shade of bright but light pink matte lipstick isn’t an easy task for the person who actually knows what that series of words means. Now imagine being a guy who loves his girlfriend so much that you’ll brave the beauty aisles in search for all the makeup your special lady needs.

This guy on Imgur accepted the challenge and refused to back down even when his girlfriend, referred to as “My Beautiful Sunshine,” admitted she probably shouldn’t have asked him to go on the hunt for her essentials. Thankfully all of the hilarious text exchanges were shared with the world so we can all find joy in the confusion that is the makeup industry.

You really have to admire the guy’s commitment. “No I’m fine I can do this,” he wrote.

You can just imagine what she was thinking, “OMFG does he not know the difference between nail polish and lipstick?” Kudos to him for searching for the right color, though.

This poor lipstick. I’ve lost at least three chap sticks to my fiancé and this classic dude move.

Get ready for some real artistry.

The quest continues.

Success! Now on to the insanity that is false eye lashes.

Glue – like Elmer’s? Seems like a reasonable question.

He forgot his wallet.

And after all that work learning what matte and falsies mean. This boyfriend showed so much patience and definitely tried his hardest, but forgot the one thing you need to make any purchase. We’re guessing his girlfriend decided it would be easier to go herself the next day. Or maybe he doesn’t waste all that new knowledge and buys her all new makeup. If so, can you grab me a porcelain/ light beige primer and concealer combo?

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