Guys Try Out Labor Pain and Find It Hurts in Best Sex-Ed Video Ever

by Emma Waverman
Originally Published: 
One guy trying out labor pain, another one holding his arm.

Sex education can be boring: Half the time the kids are too embarrassed to listen, and sometimes the teacher is too embarrassed to be effective. But how do you convey the seriousness of parenting to kids whose hormones are raging and whose decision-making skills are still in their infancy?

Maybe showing teens BuzzFeed’s Try Guys’ five-part series on motherhood would be a good start. The guys experience wearing a 20-pound hot and sweaty pregnancy belly, changing poopy diapers, waking up in the night for a fussy robot baby and simulated labor.

The most compelling, cringe-worthy and hilarious video of the series is when the guys try out labor pain simulations (though all of videos have their moments). The four young men were strapped to a machine that stimulated their muscles to contract so they could feel experience pain similar to labor. And they found it hurts—a lot.

Each of the four had electrodes fixed on different parts of their body, including their abdomen, their back and their unmentionables. They also sat through some very graphic explanations of labor and C-sections, which scared them almost as much as the labor simulation.

All of them used the safe word “epidural” during the simulation to bring it to an end—as did I, to be honest. Lucky for them, they weren’t told that the anesthesiologist was attending an emergency C-section and it would be a while, as happened to me.

At the end of the video, one of them looks, stunned, at the camera and says, “Your mom is the toughest person in the universe. I don’t care who you are—your mom is tougher than you.”

And then they thank their moms. So I figure even if the kids aren’t scared into taking birth control seriously, at least they might be grateful to their mothers for one day. It’s a win-win.

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