Hallmark Is Selling Cards That Celebrate Transgender People Who Are Transitioning

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter/Renata Sancken

Good on you, Hallmark

If you walk into a Hallmark store, you’re immediately greeted by cards for every phase of life, event, and celebration. Now, the famous card company is offering a new category of worth celebrating: transitioning.

People in the transgender community can feel recognized and honored by the most famous card company in the country.

Now, the act of transitioning joins the ranks of birthdays, weddings, baptisms, births, and anniversaries. Which is wonderful.

A tweet by Renata Sancken shows a Hallmark card under the Encouragement/Transgender/Transitioning section that reads, “You’re becoming who you’ve always been. How wonderful is that?”

Hallmark is with the times, y’all.

“It is our goal to be inclusive rather than exclusive so that our products appeal to the widest range of people who wish to communicate and connect with one another,” a representative from Hallmark tells Pink News. “Not every card Hallmark offers will be right for every relationship, but we want every consumer to find one that is right.”

People all over the internet are extremely here for Hallmark’s inclusivity.

Transgender people — and especially trans youth — are at a higher risk for depression and anxiety. Societal stigma, ostracization, and feeling unaccepted by friends, family, and peers are all contributing factors.

Which is why acceptance like this is so important. Acceptance comes in a variety of forms, and little showings of support — like sending a Hallmark card — can provide affirmation and let members of the trans community know they’re loved and celebrated.

Hallmark says it best: