There's An Official Petition To Change The Date Of Halloween -- Yes Please

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Getty Images/Rawpixel

There’s not a parent out there who wouldn’t love a Saturday Halloween

The one drawback to holidays that don’t occur on the exact same day of the week every year is that there’s a good chance they won’t occur on a weekend. And really, who wants to celebrate a fun holiday and have to go to school or work the next day?

Well, there’s an official petition that seeks to permanently change Halloween to occur on the last Saturday of October. Sign. Us. Up.

Think about it. We hurry home from work, shove our kids into their costumes, and rush out the door, only to come back two hours later with sugared up beasts who have no interest in going to bed for school the next day. Everyone has a Halloween hangover — parents and kids alike. See? Saturday Halloweens are where it’s at.

The petition was created by the Halloween & Costume Association a few months ago — and it’s officially dubbed the “Saturday Halloween Movement.” The organizers want it to be a full day of celebration instead of cramming it into “two rushed evening weekday hours” after school and work. So far, 13,754 people have signed — the goal is 15,000.

AMEN TO THAT. Plus, more time to enjoy candy.

Also, the petition notes, having the holiday as an all-day affair means it starts earlier — which means it’s also safer for kids. I know when I’m rushed, I’m more likely to forget a flashlight or reflective gear and other things kids should have when heading out to trick-or-treat. According to the petition, there are 3,800 Halloween-related injuries each year. The creators argue that this could be reduced by having an all-day Saturday holiday.

Bottom line: holidays are always more fun when you can actually take the time to enjoy them without worrying about work or school. All in favor?