This Guy's Bloody Halloween Decor Looks So Real People Are Calling The Cops

by Madison Vanderberg

Dallas man’s hyperreal Halloween decorations are so terrifying the cops were called

A man in Dallas took “haunted house” to a whole new level when he created an extremely lifelike, uh, horror film on his front yard. For most of us, going “all out” for Halloween is getting one of those projectors that shines an image of like, a bat, on the garage door, but for Steven Novak, an artist from Dallas, Texas, his idea of Halloween decor is carefully designing a realistic and gruesome murder scene in front of his house that is so freaky, some people called the cops.

Novak’s Halloween creation involved several dead dummies, a body bag, and a wheelbarrow full of body parts that he constantly refreshes with homemade “blood.” It is completely terrifying, but I’m also like, wow the attention to detail is fantastic, this man should be charging a fee to come witness his gory artwork.

Novak told CBS DFW that one of his neighbors took issue with his yard display and called the cops, perhaps worried that it was a real crime scene. “Neighbors told me cop cars were in front of my house a lot during the day,” he also told The Dallas Observer. When the cops arrived and asked him if the Halloween display “was his,” Novak told CBS DFW that he joked with the cops and deadpanned, “What? Oh, you mean the bodies and all the blood?!? Oh yeahhhh, that would be mine.”

Novak told NBC News that when the police arrived “They took pictures, they thought it was great,” and that he was not issued any citations because being really really good at hyperreal production design is not actually a crime.

Oh and this is what the inside of his house looks like. He added “dueling projectors” that make it look like Zombies are trying to climb in the window.

Novak takes it all in stride and says “it’s just fun.” Also, his commitment to the decor is intense and told NBC News that he’s spending a lot of money to maintain the realistic looking blood spatters all over the lawn.

“When it’s raining, it washes it right off and I have to reapply it every morning,” he said. “As people walk by with their dogs… I’m out there just slinging gallons and gallons of blood. I just wave at them like a friendly neighbor and say, ‘Just out here watering the bodies.'”

“Halloween is the perfect opportunity to put on a spectacle,” Novak added. It is, and I say this with so much respect, but this house is too horrifying to trick or treat at. Beautiful craftsmanship and artistry, totally terrifying. A+.