Halloween PSA Challenging Gender Norms Will Have You In Tears

by Julie Scagell
Image via YouTube/Landwirth Legacy Productions, LLC

Wonder Woman isn’t a girls’ Superhero, she’s just a Superhero

A moving video of kids dressing up for Halloween in their favorite costumes has just been released and it has a powerful message about gender stereotypes. Though it may be hard for some parents to understand, the commercial shows that allowing our kids to be who they are isn’t really that hard at all.

The two minute PSA, written by Alexander Day and Brian Carufe, shows a brother and sister carving pumpkins with mom and dad for Halloween. When they’re finished, mom pulls out their costumes and the kids run excitedly upstairs to get changed. The dad watches apprehensively and his wife comes over with words of comfort.

We see them trick-or-treating at their neighbors; one Batman and one Wonder Woman. The neighbor smiles big and hands out candy and we see the mom and dad sigh with relief. It’s not until the end of the video when the couple tucks their kids into bed that the video gives an indication as to why the dad looks so nervous.

Image via YouTube/Landwirth Legacy Productions, LLC

As he goes to leave the bedroom, he looks back at his sleeping son, Wonder Woman, and daughter, Batman, smiles and says, “My heroes.”

This commercial is a reminder that no matter what, our kids are who they are meant to be — and they are perfect. Our kids are who they are — our only job is to give them the support they need to grow and thrive.

Image via YouTube/Landwirth Legacy Productions, LLC

The enforcement of gender norms is prevalent all throughout society, starting when kids are babies. Girls are often pushed in the direction of princesses and dolls and boys are given matchbox cars and told not to show their emotions. Companies like Target and others have removed gender signage from stores which is a step in the right direction, allowing kids to see they have options when it comes to how they play and dress. But the message of inclusion and acceptance needs to start at home.

Image via YouTube/Landwirth Legacy Productions, LLC

Kids aren’t supposed to be one thing or another — they are supposed to be exactly who they are.