Don’t Be The Dark House: Hand Out Candy and Trick-or-Treat With Your Kids At The Same Time

Don’t Be The Dark House: Hand Out Candy and Trick-or-Treat With Your Kids At The Same Time

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Sponsored by Hive

It’s Halloween! Once the decorations are up, the candy bowl is filled, and the costumes are donned, there are only two jobs left: handing out the candy, and taking the kids treat-or-treating. It’s great fun to go out and trick-or-treat with the kids. You get to see the neighbors, get an evening stroll in, and see your kid’s joy up close (not to mention snagging the peanut butter cups for yourself). But it means you have to either leave a bowl of candy out and risk it being dumped by the first kid, or turn your lights out until you get back.

Good news: it doesn’t have to be that way. With a Hive connected home, you can have the best of both worlds and trick-or-treat with the kids while still having the creepiest house on the block. Here’s how you do it.

Spooky Lighting

Swap out your traditional, soft white bulbs for some color changing or dimming Hive Active Light Bulbs to create ghoulish lighting effects. You can brighten and dim the lights using just the Hive app, so if little kids approach the porch you can brighten things up but dim them for the bigger kids that enjoy a good scare. If you need to go out, you can check on your door with the Hive Camera and change the lighting as you see fit, even if you’re not there.

Set the Mood With Spine-Chilling Music

Nothing sets the Halloween mood better than a playlist of creepy tunes! Blast the Monster Mash or simply scary sounds using a bluetooth speaker. You can turn the music on or off with just a tap, and change up the tunes as you see fit. If you plug it into a Hive Active Plug, you’ll get the added bonus of being able to easily shut the power off at the end of the night. You’ll terrify all the kiddies!

Go next level on your carved pumpkins by using light bulb extension cords and placing Hive Active Lights inside the pumpkins! We’d recommend the color changing bulbs and set them to cycle through the colors, which will make your pumpkins look like they will come alive! Terrifyingly awesome.


Trick? No, It’s A Treat

If you want to head out with your littles and see if you can hit the candy roulette (full size candy bars FTW!), you can rest easy with a smart home and security system. You can keep all your bloodcurdling decorations running while you’re out, and you can use your phone to check your Hive Camera livestream to make sure things are safe when you’re gone—and you can bust your neighbor’s kid with photo evidence of them doing a full-bowl candy dump (and run home and fill it back up if need be).

So get ready to be the best house on the block this Halloween — even if you’re not actually home. Let this year be all about the tricks, and then you can eat all the treats. Best of all? Once you’ve made that initial investment in Hive smart home, you’re set for any holiday or special occasion—and your house will be all that much safer, too. Now, who’s got all the peanut butter cups? We call dibs!

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