Here's A Tool That Will Finally Help Your Kid Hold A Pencil Correctly

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Help your child learn how to hold pens and pencils correctly with these fun tools

So many kids struggle with the proper way to grip their writing utensils — it’s a common issue, for sure, but it can be frustrating. For them, teachers and parents. Which is why it’s so incredibly awesome that there are a variety of pencil grippers out there. And many of them are fun shapes and colors to boot!

Correcting improper utensil holding is actually pretty important, especially for lefties. All of these pencil grippers are designed with occupational therapy recommendations in mind while also providing a fun, colorful tool your child won’t mind using at all.

Baby Learning Writing Tool

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This learning writing tool will help your baby correct his/her writing. This works well for a child to learn or adjust their writing gesture. Made from soft silicone, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Fits on pencils, pens, art markers and other writing tools — even paint brushes.

Goblin’s Treasures Pencil Grip

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This six-pack of pencil grippers can help kids and even adults with arthritis hold a pencil the right way. This style prevents the middle finger from “cocooning” and can easily be used by left or right-handed people.

KWMobile Silicone Pencil Grips

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These pencil grips help children (also right-handed or left-handed) who are learning how to write to position their fingers properly on a pen, pencil or crayon and hold it properly. Adults can use these to improve their handwriting, too.

10-Pack Pencil Grips for Kids

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The adorable colors and fish design of these grippers make the handwriting pencil grips quite popular among kids. Writing will become an automatic task, so that your little one can spend more time concentrating on what they want to write, rather than how to go about writing it.

Butterfly Advanced Pencil Grip Set

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Not only are these super cute to look at, but this advanced Pencil grip offers the most effective writing grips for kids and adults alike. It aims to help most people learn to write, correct writing posture, and relieve pressure.

Pencil Grip ‘Claw’

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This cup-like “claw” tool is designed to eliminate thumb-wrap and fist-grips, and is a great choice for children with special needs. It also fits to stretch on all writing utensils.

Ergonomic Pen Gripper

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These somewhat resemble the pen and pencil grippers of our youth, don’t they? They’re a little more simple in design but still fun and brightly colored. The grip stretches to fit on kids who are learning to write, or have difficulty to hold pens.

Fish/Dolphin Pencil Gripper

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OMG. How cute are these? The unique dolphin shape and ergonomic grip zone ensure hours of fatigue-free writing. These are also designed with optimal firmness as recommended by occupational therapists.

Original Universal Pencil Grip

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Ah, there they are. The classic pencil grippers we all know and love. These easy and comfortable (and a little less confusing, probably) grippers are designed by occupational therapists to help kids write.

Owl Pencil Grippers

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So these are a little more fun (and insanely cute) for learning how to hold pens and pencils, right? Who doesn’t love owls? The 3-D pattern makes kids want to use it, and the silicone grip is perfectly designed to give kids a comfortable grip and relieve pressure while writing.

According to Morrells Handwriting, holding a pen or pencil correctly is a much bigger deal than one might initially think. A correct grip enables the writer (both young and old) to move the fingers and control the utensil with efficient movement. Addressing a poor pencil grip early is important, especially for lefties. If left uncorrected, your child’s speed and fluency could impact their academics and put “undue stress on developing joints.”

All the more reason to choose any one (or all ten) of these adorable, safe, efficient pencil grippers for your little one. Or even yourself!

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