Model Shamed For Her 'Too Small' Baby Bump Because The Internet Is A Cesspool Of Haters

by Ashley Austrew
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Instagram model Hannah Polites is facing backlash over the size of her baby bump

There are two things you should know if you want to be successful in life: treat others how you want to be treated, and never, ever, ever comment on a pregnant woman’s body. Apparently some people didn’t get the memo on that last one because Instagram model Hannah Polites has been getting a ton of shit for having a teeny, tiny baby bump at six months pregnant.

Polites is a self-described fitness junkie and author who boasts over 1.2 million followers. She’s currently expecting her first baby and has been keeping fans in the loop by posting frequent belly pictures, but her small frame and toned abs have led to some not-so-nice comments.

Last week, she shared an update wearing a bra and underwear that read, “Hotel room bump update! Almost 6 months carrying my little babe. For everyone asking the gender, it’s a surprise!”

The photo got over 788 comments, but many of them were the kind of insults that would make any hormonal pregnant woman weep into her hot fudge sundae. “That’s 6 months pregnant?” someone asked. “Is it a gerbil?”

Other fun comments included:

“You are killing your baby.”

“She looks like the baby is going to be deprived of nutrients.”

“You look like you need to get your back checked. If you’re standing up right, that is not healthy.”

“Does she know she has to eat enough for two? She doesn’t even look like she’s eating enough for herself. Stop chasing the perfect baby body and eat something substantial for your poor baby.”

“You are way too skinny. WTF.”

“You look like a banana.”

I’ll give you a minute to stop giggling over that last one. But in all seriousness, what is the deal, Internet? Do you know how much pregnant women worry? Every time someone comments on our size, shape, posture, what we’re eating, how our skin looks — any little thing can send us spiraling into a panic. For moms-to-be, the baby’s health is our number one priority, and there’s not a woman in the world — fat or thin — who can control how her body responds to pregnancy or how big or small her baby bump is.

For her part, Polites tells the Gold Coast Bulletin she’s just trying not to let the negative comments get her down. “I know I am making informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and motherhood,” she said. “For the record, doctors have told me bub is healthy. All women’s bodies should be celebrated, especially at a time of pregnancy… I will continue to post photos of my body as I feel that it’s important to be a positive role model in the community.”

Polites, like most women, is under the care of a professional and knows better than anyone what’s best for her own health and body. Does she look amazing? Absolutely, and good for her. But the size of a woman’s body or baby bump is not an indication of health, and no one should be harassed for not fitting an ideal. Next time you’re tempted to tell a pregnant woman that she looks like a malnourished banana with poor posture, please, just go and find a better hobby.

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