Sometimes It's Hard

by Kelly Bandas
hard to be a mom
Oleh_Slobodeniuk / iStock

Sometimes it’s hard to be a mom.

Sometimes I run the vacuum, just so you both will go play in your rooms.

Sometimes I hide in the kitchen and sneak York Peppermint Patties after I’ve told you they are all gone.

Sometimes I skip a bath night (or two, or three).

Sometimes I cover my mouth with both hands and silently mouth swear words.

Sometimes I tell you, “Sure, I’ll play Superhero Squadron.” And then I never do.

Sometimes I drive to the Chick-fil-a that’s farther away from our house, just so it’s closer to nap time once we get home.

Sometimes I tell you I’m not looking at you because I’m watching you with “Mom Vision.”

Sometimes I tell your dad I’m peeing, but I’m really just hiding in the bathroom.

Sometimes I promise to watch a show with you, but then I just fall asleep.

Sometimes I think if I have to eat one more pretend cookie, I might for real throw up.

Sometimes I tell you, “One minute!” and then I take 20.

Sometimes I pretend the CDs you like are missing.

Sometimes I yell, when I could’ve asked nicely.


Sometimes we play school and I really have fun.

Sometimes I watch you both riding bikes and really smile while you zoom around.

Sometimes we take nature walks and find cool pinecones.

Sometimes you both help me cook dinner and the food turns out great.

Sometimes I watch you play music together and really want to get up and dance with you.

Sometimes I laugh hard when we play Simon Says.

Sometimes we run errands together and it feels like I’m out with friends.

Sometimes I peek at you both when we say a blessing before dinner.

Sometimes I sing extra loudly in the car with you, just because it’s fun.

Sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m cranky.

Sometimes it’s hard to be your mommy and sometimes it’s really easy.

But always, I love you.