Harry Styles Adorably Calls Out Dads At His Concert And We're Melting

by Madison Vanderberg
Helene Marie Pambrun/Getty and usern0nyab1zn3ss/TikTok

Harry Styles calls out three dads in “golf shirts” at his concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City

Harry Styles has absolutely mastered the art of being famous and the secret, I’m assuming, is that he’s a damn delight. He recently gave out A+ dating advice mid-concert and also helped a pregnant fan find out the sex of her baby with an over-the-top light-show reveal during a concert stop. Then, during a recent show at Madison Square Garden in New York City, he gave a shoutout to three unsuspecting “chaperone dads” in the audience and if this man doesn’t stop being adorable I’m going to combust.

All across the internet, fans are sharing videos of the moment Harry stopped his concert mid-performance to talk to three middle-aged men sitting together at Madison Square Garden.

Why on earth are three middle-aged men at a Harry Styles concert? Are they fans of his acting debut in Dunkirk? Maybe. But the more accurate answer is, of course, that they are dads, tasked with chaperoning their Harry-Styles-loving kids on a night out at the massive concert because dads looking out of place at concerts with their kids is very much an entire sub-genre of pop music fandom.

First, Harry identified the gentlemen. “The whole group over here, let’s see what’s happened. I’m gonna guess you’re dads. You know how I know you’re the dads? Cause you’re wearing a golf shirt to a concert,” Harry said as the three Tony Soprano-looking-dudes laughed their asses off.


Then, Harry joked, “Are all three of you tucked in?” referring to their golf shirts being “tucked in” to their slacks. And on cue, all three dads raised their hands as Harry yelled, “He’s tucked in!”

Here’s another closer angle of Harry doing his dad bit.


The verdict is still out on whether or not this was the best or most embarrassing thing to happen to the, presumably, teenaged children of “the dads.”

Elsewhere in the show, Harry jokingly shouted, “Even the dads know this one,” before launching into a performance of “Watermelon Sugar.” Harry Styles and dads: a love story.

In related Harry-Styles-is-awesome news, a TikTok user who originally shared a version of the “dad” video, posted a follow-up video showing the crowd at the show and wrote that “Harry Styles creates SUCH an inclusive, happy environment. FYI – 80% of the crowd was wearing masks upon his request!”

Dating advice? Sex reveals? Casual flirting with your dad? What’s Mr. Styles going to do next? Baptize your child?

A Harry Styles concert honestly seems like a magical place to be.