Harry Styles Jumps On Stage To Perform 'Juice' With Lizzo

Harry Styles Jumps On Stage To Perform ‘Juice’ With Lizzo

Kevin Mazur/Getty

Harry Styles jumped on stage with Lizzo during a Miami concert and gave fans a thrill

Last night, Lizzo was doing her usual mind-blowing performance thing at a tour stop in Miami when concertgoers were given an unexpected treat. The one and only Harry Styles hopped onstage to collab with the woman of the hour on her hit song “Juice,” and it absolutely gave fans their lives.

Watch this and try not to bust into a huge grin and possibly even stand up and start dancing. Sorry, but it’s impossible to avoid a genuine joy explosion watching these two together. Can they just go on tour now please?

There. Doesn’t the world currently feel like a much better and happier place after watching Styles’ adorkable dance moves? These two clearly enjoy performing together and it makes it fun for everyone to watch.

Now, seasoned fans of Lizzo, Styles, or both are probably not too surprised to see the superstars singing this particular song together. Back in December, Styles called her “amazing” and told BBC Radio 1, “She’s one of the most exciting artists working now for sure. She’s exactly what you want an artist to be, which is themselves.”

And then Styles covered “Juice” during that BBC 1 appearance and Lizzo herself was, suffice to say, feeling it. “You know what this means right… ?” she tweeted along with some very suggestive emojis.