I Really F*cking Hate People

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
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I can’t think of anyone I don’t hate in a general sense. Of course I like the people I’m closest to. But other than them? Yep, I hate everyone. In fact, hating people is now one of my favorite pastimes. Most of the time I can’t even give you a clear reason as to why, I just do. Look, people are assholes. I don’t make the rules, I merely state facts. People are the absolute fucking worst, and you’re lying if you say you don’t feel the same way. It feels like it’s getting even worse, given everything happening in the world. I find myself wondering if people were always this awful, or if there’s something in the water that’s making them extra shitty. I mean, I can think of a million reasons why people are total shit.

I’m not saying that this year is making my feelings toward the human race worse. But hating people seems a lot easier right now that it has in the past. Humanity is giving us some truly fine examples of the absolute shittiest people ever. You can’t scroll through social media without stopping at least once and muttering “what the fuck” to yourself. And it’s one thing when you’re saying it about strangers. That’s not surprising, people are fucking awful. But when it’s people you actually know? Those moments always seem to hit a little different, right? Like when you see a friend post some stupid conspiracy theory about masks.

Idiots on social media isn’t a new concept by any means. But again, it feels like internet trolls are out in bigger numbers. It’s probably because that’s all they have to do now, but holy fuck. I try not to spend time hating people on the internet with nothing better to do, but let me tell you, it gets harder and harder every day. I’m constantly seeing their ignorant, mean, and downright idiotic comments and it makes me ragey. Why do people get their rocks off by being a pain-in-the ass in a public forum? Like, seriously, what kind of perverse pleasure do people get from spamming a celebrity with so many nasty comments they need to go underground? Do they just sit there waiting for an opportunity to be the actual fucking worst?

People’s levels of assholery really seem to be peaking since COVID. I mostly blame that on the utter incompetence of our government. Talk about hating people. I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the balls more than our “president.” Well, that’s not true, I would also like to punch all of his followers in their sensitive parts too. Because holy fuck do they all deserve it. Now, I’m not blaming them entirely for the mess that is 2020, but I am saying that the Venn diagram of Trump supporters and people who won’t wear masks ever is a circle. But, again, that’s only 75 percent their fault. They’re listening to a man with the empathy level of a kumquat.

You can’t ignore the irony of them calling us sheep for following science when they blindly follow a man who is actively dismantling the country brick by brick. The mental gymnastics it takes for these people to justify their unflinching support are Olympic-worthy. I almost wish I could have a conversation with one of them, but I can’t because my head would explode. Like, it is mind boggling to watch people fall over themselves to listen to this man. He is nothing more than a petulant toddler in a series of expensive and ill-fitting suits. They have to know that he doesn’t care about them right? Surely someone has let them in on that secret?

Anyone who is anti mask is high on my hating people list. I had big plans for this year, and now I’m hoping we can go to our neighborhood playground before 2021. How can people not understand that if they want to eat a mediocre meal at IHOP, they need to wear a mask? Wouldn’t it be easier to just put on the little piece of fabric rather than protesting in front of Baskin Robbins? It takes less time to put on your mask than it does to make a protest sign. And if everyone just starts doing that, things will get better and they can go back to eating inside at Applebee’s. Like, holy shit, how fucking stupid can people be at this point?

I hate people more and more as every month of this “new normal” life drags on. Because this is all bullshit. No one should have to live like this because some people think their “rights” are being infringed upon. We all want to get some semblance of our lives back people. I miss my friends too. I wish I could eat indoors at a restaurant, because I hate eating outside. My calendar was full of amazing things this year. And now I can’t do any of them. Plus, I’m really getting tired of being around my family all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my partner and my son. But it’s hard being around them all the damn time. My kid has been home since March and as much as I enjoy him, I’m about two seconds away from leaving him in a field for a few hours. There is such a thing as too much togetherness. Especially if you have a feral child who likes to reenact Floor is Lava on your furniture. I hate people who think wearing a mask is an inconvenience and don’t care that our kids are basically trapped in their own homes. We’re all starting to lose it, and I don’t know how much longer we can live like this.

This world is making me weary, and I hate people more than ever. It sucks that this is where I’m at, but I certainly can’t help my feelings. No one wants to feel this constant state of burnout other people are causing. But this is where we’re at now. I don’t know how much longer we’ll last before we all just stop talking to each other forever.

And at this point, I’m not so sure I’d miss it.

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