Having A Bad Day? This Viral Channing Tatum Video Should Help

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If you think you’re above sitting through a feature-length film about male strippers — you may be surprised. I rolled my eyes at the whole premise of Magic Mike. I couldn’t believe it was a box office hit. The stories of groups of women ascending on theaters to see it were lost on me. Then a magical thing happened one night: my kids fell asleep early, my partner wasn’t monopolizing the TV, and TBS played a Magic Mike rerun.

I was transfixed.

I get it now, people. I totally get it.

Don’t ask me what the movie was about: I have no freaking idea. I was in Channing Tatum’s sexy trance for an hour and a half. At one point my partner came in the room and I actually yelled, Shut up! Magic Mike is on! It wasn’t my proudest moment, but whatever.

Since then, I’m not above occasionally googling Channing Tatum gifs when I’m having a bad day. I’m telling you, they are a real pick-me-up:

See? Told you.

Vanity Fair released this 30-second video of Tatum busting out several popular dance moves yesterday. The upcoming release of the Magic Mike sequel landed Tatum the August cover shoot, and this little video is some bonus footage. It includes seven popular dance moves, performed by Tatum in 30 seconds. It’s going viral, because the internet thinks Tatum’s “Vogue” gives Madonna a run for her money.

Channing Tatum videos and gifs should be in every mom’s “happy arsenal” — along with the hidden good chocolate and wine. Trust me. Just bookmark this to return to when you need a little something to keep you going.

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