Having A Girl

by Scary Mommy
Originally Published: 

Having a girl is like riding a roller coaster. A fast, exhilarating, slightly out of control roller coaster.

Except that I hate roller coasters and haven’t been on one since I was nine years old and my father had to hold his hand over my mouth the entire time so the puke I was storing in my cheeks wouldn’t make its way back to the people in the row behind me.

But, other than that, having a girl is totally like riding a roller coaster.

The highs are so high. They are filled with sweetness and joy and all things good. Like cupcakes and rainbows and unicorns. On a sunny day. In a field. Together. They are amazing. And then boom! everything is turned upside down in the most dramatic way possible.

The lows are abrupt and intense and deafening. And then, the highs come back and you forget that the lows ever happened. Rinse and repeat a million times to infinity, and that’s what it’s like having a girl. Like a roller coaster, minus the nausea. Well, minus the nausea, most days.

But, it’s certainly always an adventure and I’m forever thankful that I get to go along for the ride.

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