From The Confessional: Healthcare Worker Moms Vent About Selfish Pandemic Behavior

by Cassandra Stone

These healthcare worker moms are over your selfish bullsh*t

We’re 10 months into the pandemic with almost no end in sight, save for the vaccine that is slowly being distributed to those most in need across the country. But even after 10 months and 300,000+ lives lost with thousands more permanently affected by long-term physical conditions, plenty of people are still behaving as if absolutely nothing at all is going on.

People on the frontlines are risking their health and lives every single day to take care of those who are battling COVID-19. And these healthcare worker moms are venting in our Confessional about having to witness the selfish behavior of others who don’t care about keeping people safe.

If one more person complains about being bored during lockdown, this healthcare worker is going to kick some serious ass

Confessional #25810492

Essential healthcare worker here. I'd give almost anything to have time at home with my family. I can't keep going on like this. I'm exhausted.

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From having to look at people’s vacation photos on Facebook to watching the neighborhood hold block parties and gather inside each other’s homes for the holidays, healthcare workers see first-hand how lack of social distancing can wreak havoc on the health system. ICUs and hospitals nationwide are at max capacity, with positive COVID cases skyrocketing and setting records seemingly every day.

I hate to say it people but as a healthcare worker Covid is here to stay.

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I work in healthcare and haven't had any time off or extra pay/bonus since covid began. I'm about to sign up for an elective surgery I only sorta need, just to get a month off. I'm that desperate for a break

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I’m a healthcare worker. I like to start drinking from Friday evenings into Saturday mornings. By Sunday afternoon I’m depressed because work starts all over again on Monday.

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These healthcare workers have families of their own that they’re unintentionally putting at risk every day, all because people won’t stay home and limit their public interactions to essential trips. With Christmas coming this week, it’s only going to get worse and take more of a toll on the already overwhelmed healthcare system.

It terrifies me that the reason people can't bring anyone with them to the ER is because they have to ration healthcare and they don't want to deal with families.

Confessional #25774345

I'm an ICU nurse, ten years now. I've never been more burnt out in my entire life.

Confessional #25805634

As an ICU nurse in Queens, I kind of want to say fuck you directly to my son's principal. No, I will not cut you any slack because you went through a difficult time safely in your home for 5 months while I treated COVID patients in a fucking trashbag.

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Wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is the least we can all do to keep one another safe, and people still cannot even do that 10 months in.

Hospitals everywhere have added more beds and have begun creating makeshift COVID-19 wards. In some areas, there simply aren’t enough doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers to keep up with the influx of COVID patients, who often require twice as much attention as typical ICU patients and stay for an average of three times the normal length of stay.

I'm a nurse in an ICU in Mass. People stay home. This isn't a joke. People with no underlying medical conditions are fighting for their lives. I know, I took care of them all weekend.

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I'm an ICU nurse and have had a covid + gentleman for the past eight days straight. Today we just flipped him onto his abdomen to ventilate better because the paralytics are not enough. It's heartbreaking. I feel so much for him & his wife.

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My husband is a nurse. It’s sooooo much worse than what they’re telling us. Numbers are increasing rapidly, but that’s WITHOUT testing. They barely test anyone because state health departments want to keep the numbers low. It’s bad.

Confessional #25773533

I'm a nurse and I'll be fucking damned if some narcissistic baby boomer kills me because they won't stay home for a few weeks.

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Please, think of these exhausted healthcare workers with families of their own before you venture out or gather this winter.