These Heated Products Will Keep You So Cozy This Winter

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These heated products will make your winter a whole lot more bearable

It’s starting to get freezing outside which means it’s time to dig out all of your warmest blankets, socks, and hoodies. Or you can invest in some pretty genius heated products that will keep you super toasty and snug this winter. Warning: everyone in the house will want to borrow your brand new cat neck warmer (see below).

Ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

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Sometimes a regular ole winter jacket just won’t cut it. This heated jacket will keep you super toasty during every single freezing trip to the grocery store/little league baseball game/walking five feet to the car.

Sunbeam Electric Heated Microplush Throw Blanket

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Snuggling up under the covers on a cold, winter night just became so much more fun. This plush heated throw blanket will engulf you with all the softness and coziness.

Serta Foot Warmer

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Sometimes your toes need some extra attention. This foot warming blanket comes complete with a 20 x 35-inch foot pocket, so you can tuck your toes nice and deep into the warmth.

SMOKO Feline Rather Toasty Cat Foot Warmers

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Or, you can keep your toes extra toasty with these very cute, very cranky heated cat slippers. All you have to do is plug them into any USB port and you’ll be in snug heaven.

SMOKO Heated Grumpy Cat Neck Pillow

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And why yes, you can wear that same cranky cat as a heated neck pillow as well.

Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket

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Wrap yourself in this heated travel blanket when you’re driving to work and you just might not hate the mornings quite so much anymore.

SMOKO Butta Toast Heated Pillow

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You’re definitely going to want to spend your nights with this heated pillow that looks like a happy piece of toast.

Zippo 12-Hour Handwarmers

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Bring some heat with you when you’re on the go. This 12-hour refillable hand warmer from Zippo will keep your fingers nice and toasty, which means your overall winter crankiness will go down by, like, ten notches.

SMOKO Unicorn Hand Warmers

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If you want to add a dash of fun to your hand warming, go with these heated unicorns. They’ll keep you super cozy and there’s literally nothing better than wearing an adorable unicorn at all times.

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Switchable Heat

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A heater + a foot massager = a wintery dream come true. This machine will go to town on your tired muscles and provide all the comfy, relaxing warmth.

Stay warm and cozy this winter, everybody. Hot chocolate and Netflix binging is mandatory with all of the above.

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