'Hello From The Mother Side' Hilariously Nails The Stress Of Motherhood

by Maria Guido
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What is it about Adele’s Hello video that’s provided the perfect fodder for parody? The sepia? The wind? The awesome coat? They’ve all been pretty hilarious, but this parenting one takes the cake. Singer/songwriter Emily Mills proves the stress of motherhood is enough to give Adele’s lyrics a run for their money:

Hello, it’s me.

I would love to grab a glass of wine and maybe some cheese

But I’ve got kids I have to feed

I’ve got one in volleyball and one who’s coming home with D’s

Why can’t she get this, fraction business

I can’t take it anymore…

Hello from the mother side

I must have called a thousand times

to tell her this homework is really breaking my heart

But when I try it clearly doesn’t tear her apart anymore.

Hello, mama how’ve you been

I can tell you’ve been stress eating from the Cheetos on your hands

It’s okay, you need a win

You’ve been plucking facial whiskers

and your thighs touch skin to skin…

Hello from the mother side

I think I might break down and cry

Cause I love my children, but I don’t want anymore

can somebody pass me the pinot noir…

Oh, man – this is good. Just don’t show any of your friends who don’t have kids yet. It may make them reconsider.

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