This Is How You Can Help The Orlando Shooting Victims Right Now

by Valerie Williams
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There are ways you can help the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families immediately

In the wake of the attack on Pulse Orlando last night, which is now officially the deadliest mass shooting in United State’s history, so many of us are desperately wanting to help but might not be sure how to go about it. 50 are dead with another 53 injured, so these victims and their families could use help in the immediate future. We’ve gathered a few ways to do that.

Donate Blood

According to officials, the most immediate and dire need right now is blood. With so many victims in the hospital with gunshot wounds, blood supply will be dwindling. If you live in Central Florida, you can set up an appointment with the Red Cross or show up at a local blood bank, not a hospital. Here are the federal rules for who can donate blood. Donations of food and water at the blood centers are also welcome to ensure the volunteers are physically able to give blood.

Donate Money

A GoFundMe page has been established for the victims by groups that support the LGBTQ community. They’re working to fund and coordinate an emergency hotline and grief counselors on-site. You could also donate to Orlando Health, a hospital where several of the victims were transferred, to support the life-saving treatment their staff provides.

Volunteer As A Counselor

If you are a counselor, you can volunteer to work with the victims, their families and friends. There is a call-in hotline as well as in-person counseling being set up by various organizations. The Orlando Sentinel provides specific ways to become involved.

Help The LGBTQ Community Feel Safe

According to The Frisky, you can donate to the Orlando Youth Alliance, an organization that helps those ages 13-24 grappling with LGBTQ issues. They’re providing a safe space for victims and LGBTQ youth who will be afraid of going to gay clubs in the wake of this terrifying tragedy.

Attend A Vigil

Those who believe in the power of prayer and good thought can attend vigils for the 50 killed and 53 injured. Rollins College is holding one tomorrow morning.

Our thoughts and hearts are with the victims and those who love them.

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