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Here Are 5 Craft Kits And Baking Ideas From Dollar General So You Can Make The Most Of Your Holiday Weekends

December 6, 2020 Updated December 11, 2020

  A whole lot of things this year have felt anything but familiar. School, work, literally everything has looked a little different. But one thing that hasn’t changed? The holidays are still about spending some quality down time with family. It’s not called the most wonderful time of the year for nothing.

More than ever, we need to celebrate traditions by doing the things that really make it feel like the holidays. In past years, we might have welcomed throwing out the schedule over the holiday break and letting kids just park it in front of a Christmas movie. (And make no mistake: that will still be happening.) But this year, we’ve all had quite enough time in front of screens and I, for one, welcome the chance to do fun things that are decidedly not virtual. This holiday season, nothing sounds better than spending time around the kitchen table, having fun while making actual – not virtual – things.

Make the most of your holiday weekends with quick, easy and fun baking and crafting activities. With ingredients and supplies from Dollar General, you’ll keep the kids busy and create new traditions, without breaking the bank. 



Any project that starts with “Level of Difficulty: Beginner” is always welcome in our house. This upcycled cardboard craft is not only genuinely adorable, it’s also what we like to call an “instant payoff” project. A project you can start and finish within an hour or so is perfect for younger kids (or moms – no judgment!) who don’t have the patience to wait all day for a finished product. You’ll find everything  – including glitter, pearl beads, chalkboard markers and more – at your neighborhood Dollar General. 



If you’ve ever experienced the trauma of a kid wandering into the kitchen the night before a complicated project is due, you know the sweet relief of a KIT. Give me a box that contains literally everything I need to take something from start to finish and I’m a very happy mom. At just $10, Dollar General’s E-Z Build Gingerbread House is a perfect way to spend an afternoon making something fun – while skipping a trip to the craft store. Bonus? It makes a darling centerpiece for your holiday tablescape. Not included? How to keep partners and children from pulling off and eating the accents before Christmas, so be sure to buy some additional candy canes and chocolates.


Some people really consider themselves “bakers.” And we love them for it. But even for those of us who wouldn’t know the difference between ganache and fondant, the holidays bring out that “Great British Bake Off” energy. Make these super easy kid-friendly Betty Crocker holiday blossom cookies and you’ll know the thrill of creating delicious, picture-perfect baked goods. And if your kitchen isn’t cut out for baking? No worries. You can get it all at Dollar General. From baking kits with pans and cookie cutters, to rolling pins and kitchen gadgets  – even a Toastmaster hand mixer for under $12 – DG’s got you. 



The great thing about this burlap wreath is that you can heavily customize it. You can make it by following the exact steps in the tutorial for a touch of cozy seasonal charm. But you could also create a pretty burlap wreath base and then add whatever embellishments you like. Hey, sometimes plastic dinosaurs work just as well as greenery and pinecones. Remember that a hot glue gun is your friend!



If your holiday spirit IS lacking a little sparkle, this shimmery frosted glass centerpiece is just the ticket. It’s so easy to put together (use this fab tutorial) with craft supplies from Dollar General. This is another one of those satisfying hands-on projects – and honestly, who can resist a set of premium brushes for under $4? 

Holiday weekends may look a little different this year. And that’s all the more reason to make the most of them! 

Your neighborhood Dollar General has everything you need to make the holidays special with décor, baking supplies and crafts. All the holiday family fun without breaking the bank.