Here’s How To Find Out If That Mom You Really Like Consumes Cannabis Too

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Do you feel comfortable asking another mom if she drinks coffee? Probably. How about asking a cool mom you met at the playground if she likes to relax with a glass of wine at night? Likely. Now how about asking a potential new mom friend if she consumes cannabis?

*record scratch*

It’s no secret that moms who consume cannabis, and cannabis consumers in general, face stigma. But cannabis consumption is on the rise among parents. Parents are incorporating cannabis into their lives as part of their daily , as well as for a good night’s sleep. Parents are also way more likely than non-parents to consume cannabis mainly for medical use.

So why then, when we’re chatting it up with a mom we’re really vibing with, are we so hesitant to ask if she consumes cannabis? No one bonds faster than two moms commiserating about the trials of parenthood. And yet somehow we’ll spill the tea about light bladder leakage faster than we’ll admit to consuming cannabis.

One thing that won’t work: assuming you can figure out whether a fellow mom consumes cannabis based on her appearance. Cannabis consumers are everywhere and look like everyone. So you’re gonna have to be a little more clever. Start with these subtle conversation openers.

“How do you relax at the end of the day?”

This will definitely get the ball rolling. Being a mom is stressful AF. We’re so used to doing everything for everyone else all the time, it can take real intention to look out for our own well-being. We basically have to give ourselves -— and each other — license to chill, or it may not happen. Start talking about how to let go of the stress of the day and see where it goes.

“I’m trying something new for my anxiety.”

Maybe it’s not anxiety. Maybe it’s PTSD or panic attacks. But sharing that you’re consuming cannabis for a mental health issue you’ve been managing is a great way to ease into the conversation without worrying that another mom is going to look at you like you have three heads.

“Where do you find creative inspiration?”

Obviously not everyone is a painter or a musician. But most of us have a need for some kind of creative expression, whether it’s through cooking, making jewelry or even coming up with fun new activities to do with our families. Supplementing your creative endeavors with cannabis is a sweet way to add to the chill factor. Besides, who can really get creative when they’re stressed to the absolute limit? This question might have your potential new pal saying something like “Let me tell you about how I created an entire coloring book one night with just a set of washable markers and some junk mail…”

“What Comes To Mind When You Hear The Words ‘Self Care?’”

Self care means different things to different moms. It really doesn’t mean one thing or even one type of thing. Maybe for you, it’s a night with a locked door, a vape pen and an entire season of your favorite true crime podcast. For someone else it could be an early morning run. (I mean, I guess?) Increasingly, parents are incorporating cannabis into their self care routines because, uh, have you looked around lately? We’re all going through it. Being intentional about how we care for ourselves is a conversation worth having. And if, while chatting with Fellow Cool Mom, we learn that she consumes cannabis, too? Cool.

“So, Sativa? Indica? Vape? Tincture?”

There’s an argument to be made for being direct, honest and up front right from the beginning. Since life is too short for friends who don’t accept and embrace everything about you, why not just go the direct route? Kick it off big by telling her you’ve been consuming cannabis. Or “Smoking a bowl at the end of the day is literally my ONLY me time.” You might be surprised when she confides that her go-to way to unwind is with a trashy romance novel and a cannabis edible.

Or she may have no idea what you’re talking about. Which is totally fine, because then you get to educate her on how responsible cannabis consumption can absolutely be part of family life. Hey, New Bestie!

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