Here's The Best Replacement For A Selfie Stick

by Melissa Kirsch
Originally Published: 

Was there anyone out there who was truly bereft that selfie sticks will be banned at all Disney parks as of June 30? Me neither. Never mind the fact that someone could get injured if smacked in the face by a wayward stick waved hither and yon by a narcissist in search of the perfect shot, but there’s something about having to ask someone to take your picture that’s just an integral part of being a tourist. The awkward intimacy of getting a stranger to hold your camera and tell you to smile as you and your family crowd in around Mickey or Jasmine is just one of those weird vacation things we do, like eating four times as much as usual at the breakfast buffet and letting the kids bury us up to our necks in sand.

So as a farewell to the selfie stick, here’s a genius video that perfectly captures its absurdity, and suggests a very handy replacement.

So perfect. Our favorite lines:

“Take pictures confidently and comfortably knowing that you don’t look like the world’s saddest wizard.”

“Why, you may even find with a friend that you’re more interested in enjoying your surroundings instead of documenting them for strangers on the Internet!”

“Friend can also do things like drive you to the airport, or tell you when you’re taking too many pictures.”

“Want to take a picture of your friend? Just get a second friend!”

“There’s literally no limit to the number of friends you can have.”

“Get nine friends and play a game of football! You won’t even have to take pictures because all your friends are there!”

“Friend only free in concept. Friend may incur costs related to beer and birthdays.”

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