Shush Anyone Today? Here’s To You, Mother Shushers

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There’s the loud walker, the loud laugher, and don’t get me started on the obnoxiously loud doorbell ringer! What is wrong with everyone? Don’t you know my child is asleep? I confess, I used to be a Mother Shusher. But now you can carry on with your hand-clapping, ice-cube-scraping, dance-partying noise because mama’s got a new friend in town. It’s called the LectroFan Micro. Not only can it shush out your annoying laugh, it pairs with my phone and can be a speaker for when I like to go despacito with the Biebs after bedtime. Watch this Mother Shusher learn how it’s done at a baby shower:

The LectroFan Micro White Noise and Fan Sound Machine masks noise disturbances like dogs barking, snoring, and noisy neighbors or visiting relatives so you can sleep better and stay sleeping.

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