Someone Invented Wine Juice Boxes Because We Deserve To Be Happy

by Julie Scagell

It’s an adult Capri Sun and we are here for it

If you are a lover of wine, your day is about to get a whole lot better. There’s a new way to grab a glass of vino with a friend that includes no glass at all. Introducing the juice box for adults only.

Yes, you heard me right. There’s a new way to drink that involves squeezing it straight into our yappers — High Key Wine Pouches are here to make us feel like a kid with the added bonus of being able to relax like an adult. According to the site, you can enjoy these at festivals, concerts, at the pool, watching your favorite sporting event, and even hiking (because why not).

The individual pouches come in Sweet White, Dry Rose, and Semi-Sweet Rose options and are the first ever resealable, single serve wine pouch (complete with straw). We’ll get just over a standard medium glass of wine in every pouch, clock in at 12 percent ABV, and a six pack is under 20 bucks. High Key can be bought in one flavor or in a variety pack so we can take our sweet time discovering which one we like best.

“You know that feeling when you are holding in exciting great news that you are dying to share?” their website said of the product. “You want to shout it from the rooftops! We totally get that! High Key was created with that feeling in mind. So, whether you naturally trend toward the louder side or your mellow self wants to share out loud, we’re here to help you Bring the Party!”

Wine has made quite the transformation over the years from screwtop bottles to boxed wine (who didn’t love a good Franzia in college), to mini boxed wine (I call those individual servings), to canned wine, and now this. It’s genius if you think about it. It’s portable, easy to pack, requires zero accompaniments like a pesky corkscrew or a glass, and can easily be disposed of it when we’re done imbibing.

If your kids play sports, you know it can get hot out and as the afternoon drags on (and on, and on), why not give yourself a hand by pulling one of these out of your cooler? Just twist open the cap, find the built-in straw, their game just got a lot more interesting. Just make sure to label properly so your kids know these puppies are hands off.

And take the woman who was banned from her local Walmart for driving around the parking lot in a motorized shopping cart drinking wine from a Pringles can? Alright, she probably would have still have been banned, but she could’ve managed that cart a whole lot better with one of these lightweight juice boxes in her hand.

Adulting is hard enough — at least we have the good folks at High Key looking out for us and anticipating our every need before we even knew we needed them. Summer just got a lot more interesting, y’all.