'Lego Dad' Instagram Account Shows The Struggle Is Real

by Megan Zander

Who knew a piece of plastic could be so relatable?

If you thought Legos were just for kids to play with and parents to step on, you’re wrong. There’s a hilarious Instagram account showing the not so glamorous moments of being a parent, all through the eyes of a Lego minifigure.

Lego Dad shares memes and photos featuring his family: Lego mom, their two kids and of course a Lego dog. His posts are spot on for those of us raising kids, although being a Lego parent does give him some advantages. “If my kid acts up or is too annoying, I can just pop his head off and change it out for one that isn’t,” he tells Scary Mommy, speaking in character. “Plus,” he adds, “my kids come with building instructions.” If only we were all so lucky.

Lego or human, we’re all dying for school to start again.

Don’t risk it.

Do Legos sleep? Human or plastic, DST is the worst for parents.

All recorders should be burned with fire.

Just throw everything in the closet.

Lego Dad says his posts are inspired by every day life with his family, just like us people. “It’s the same day to day stuff that humans deal with,” he explains. “My kids act out, my in-laws arrive via Fed-Ex every now and then, and the Mega Blok dad down the street thinks he’s all that.”

Every time you’re running late.

The one question sure to make a SAHP Hulk out.

Can drag 97 books downstairs for you to read, but carry a roll of paper towels into the house? How dare you even ask.

Nailed it.

Does anyone actually know what happens on three?

Sounds about right.

Lego Dad might have lots on online fans, but his kids are still what’s most important to him. “I’m just a dad,” he says. “Like everyone else, I’m pretty proud of the two kids I’ve built.”

H/T Huffington Post