Hilary Duff Debuts Baby Bump While In COVID Quarantine

by Cassandra Stone
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Hilary Duff/Instagram

Hilary Duff has been isolating in her basement for five days after being exposed to COVID-19

Just one month after announcing her third pregnancy, Hilary Duff has announced she’s in quarantine. Like actual, self-isolation quarantine due to COVID-exposure, not the “quarantine” we all pretend we’re in just because we use Instacart and aren’t wearing a bra. There is nothing fun about being pregnant and in quarantine during a pandemic, but there is something fun about seeing Duff’s baby bump, which she shared on Instagram.

Over the weekend, Duff shared in her Stories that she was on “Quarantine day 2, fml” after being exposed. Which means she’s stuck in her basement, just bumpin’ along hoping she doesn’t have the plague, while everyone else in her family carries on upstairs without her.

Instagram/Hilary Duff

Duff doesn’t go into detail about her exposure, but she has been in New York recently, filming her TV show Younger. She’s been whittling away the time of her quarantine by doing what we all do when we aren’t with our children — she’s looking at photos of them and thinking about how much she misses them.

She’s mom to her son Luca, 8, and daughter Banks, who’s two.

Instagram/Hilary Duff

Speaking of Banks, she’s been well cared for by her Dad, Matthew Koma. But he, like All Dads Before Him, isn’t as…savvy with the dressing of the kids as, say, Mom is. But when you’re stuck in the basement trying to not further expose your family to said plague, you’ve just gotta roll with it.

Instagram/Hilary Duff

And in case you’re wondering what Duff is up to during her isolation besides missing the heck out of her kiddos, she’s not totally alone.

Instagram/Hilary Duff

Last month, Duff announced that baby number three was on the way in an adorable Boomerang-style post showing off the bump. “We are growing!!! Mostly me…” Duff captioned the sweet snap.

Side note: how do some people take these adorable, perfectly-angled selfies? Do we need “go-go Gadget arms” or something? Mine always end up looking like Jabba the Hut not looking at the camera.

Here’s hoping Hilary and the rest of the Duff-Koma family remains happy and healthy for as long as possible. She shared a snap while getting a rapid COVID test, fingers crossed for “negative” news (the only kind of negative news we can be happy about these days).

Instagram/Hilary Duff

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