Hilary Duff Trying To 'Sniff' Baby Through Her Phone Is Every New Mom

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram/Hilary Duff

We’re obsessed with this video of Hilary Duff missing her baby girl, Banks

The craziest part of being a parent is how much you savor your “breaks” away from your little ones, and how much you miss them at the same time anytime you’re away. No one captures this as perfectly as Hilary Duff in her latest Instagram video.

Last fall, Duff gave birth to her second child, daughter Banks. She’s been exceptionally candid and relatable about life with a baby, and we love her for it. Here, she can be seen being silly (but also dead serious) about missing Banks and wanting to “sniff” her through her phone.

“Every try to sniff your baby through the phone??” LOL. What’s even crazier is how much we all get it. Raise your hand, for example, if you’ve ever scrolled through photos of your kids on your phone after they’ve gone to bed.

Sometimes, you just can’t get enough!

Duff’s boyfriend, Matthew Koma, even teased her a little bit about the sniffing in a hilarious commenting exchange displayed on the Instagram account Comments By Celebs.

Image via Instagram/Hilary Duff

“I put all your makeup and clothes on and she still won’t latch onto my nipple,” he teases. “Please come home. We’re starving.”

Duff’s social media game is so good, we wish more celebrity moms were on her level. Her re-creation of Rachel McAdams’ breast pump photo was one of the best things we’ve ever seen.

Earlier this year, she crowdsourced any and all fellow moms on social media, just like many of us non-celebrities do, in order to find solutions for Banks’ colic.

“Can you ever set them down without them screaming OR waking up?” Duff asked on Instagram in January. “We have read everything the internet has to offer…nothing besides nursing basically every hour or less helps! We have done all the obvious things…please leave magic tricks in comments.”

So many of us have been there. When your baby can’t calm down, you can’t calm down. So, before succumbing to the batshit insanity that is constantly looming above your sleep-deprived head, you beg other people to tell you their tricks and pray to Beyoncé one of them works.

But see, even through all the sleepless nights and baby cries and breastfeeding woes, we love them more than anything. And when we’re not with them (even though maintaining our sanity literally depends on us not being with them at times), we miss the hell out of them. Enough to wish our phones could convey that sweet, sweet baby smell.