Hillary Clinton’s Friends Dishing About Watching The Debate Together Are #SquadGoals

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter

Hillary Clinton’s friends are all the proof we need that she’s “likable”

Throughout the election, there’s been a lot of talk about what kind of person Hillary Clinton is. Those who dislike her characterize her as cold, dishonest and heartless, more concerned with power than personal relationships. Nothing has handily proved those people wrong than a recent article in The New York Times showing Clinton’s lifelong friends watching her in the third debate.

Because a person who’s kept the same friends her entire life is probably not so robotic and calculating, hmm?

The New York Times piece paints a picture of Clinton as a warm and loyal person, with her squad of lifelong girlfriends gathering at the home of Hardye Moel, a psychotherapist Clinton befriended as a freshmen at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, a Chicago neighborhood. They were all there together, including her best friend Betsy Ebeling, watching the third debate and giggling as Donald Trump leveled his now-famous “nasty woman” insult at the Democratic candidate. “I’m so glad he said that,” and “He just couldn’t stop himself,” her friends said to each other.

We all know how challenging it can be to maintain friendships as we grow older, especially once we have kids. Gone are the days when we can simply call a good friend and meet them for coffee an hour later. Spontaneity dies and with it, some personal relationships. The ones that survive take a serious amount of effort and dedication. And after all, we wouldn’t go to great lengths to spend time with someone cold and horrible, right? Which is why Hillary Clinton hanging on to the same friends since high school tells us more about her character than anything else.

The women, Judy Osgood, Patsy Bowles, Bonnie Ward Klehr, Jill Harker, Katie Ricketts, Betsy Ebeling (Clinton’s best friend) and Hardye Moel have been there for Clinton through thick and thin. They were there when she lost her very first political race — for student council president their senior year of high school. Ebeling has said, “I was her campaign manager, so I advised her. Hopefully this one turns out better.”

From her lips to God’s ears.

They came to Bill Clinton’s inaugurations and the opening of the Clinton library. They supported her senate race and watched her be sworn in as secretary of state. They were also there for the hard times — the Monica Lewinsky scandal, her deleted emails, her husband’s impeachment. They campaigned for her during her 2008 presidential primary race against Barack Obama, piling into a bus in Iowa to get the word out about their friend.

And now, they sit together eating popcorn and drinking wine watching her debate Trump, yelling out “you go girl” when she called him Putin’s “puppet.” They talk about her reputation as being cold with Moel saying, “It’s a twisted version of Hillary that we see portrayed. I’ve just been thinking a lot lately, what is it about powerful women that people don’t like, that is problematic for a lot of people?”

Ebeling chimes in saying, “They don’t know enough to know what they don’t like about her.”

So her friends tell us. They characterize her as warm and nurturing, funny, loyal and kind. They marvel at her stamina, campaigning this way at nearly 69 years old with Moel noting they often wonder how she keeps up such a rigorous schedule at her age when they “go to bed at 8:30.”

But mostly, they’re just proud of their friend. As Ebeling says of the debate, “Tonight, our friend did beautifully.”

The fact is, you don’t get to where Clinton is without solid support from the people around you. And loyal friends don’t stick by people who lie and cheat and treat them like garbage. So much of the rhetoric about Hillary is bullshit, and nothing puts it to rest faster than these women, who’ve known her since before she was a Clinton, and still stand by her today.