We’re Crushing On H&M’s New Spring Collab With Nathalie Lété


Here come those spring blooms, hustling out of the ground to give us LIFE. Wave your hands in the air if you’re a mom who’s over winter coat struggles and almost pinching your kid’s finger in their zipper eleventy billion times. Spring means we don’t have to deal with any of that, so bring it on.

We’re also over clunky winter boots and fuzzy sweaters. It’s time for flowing dresses, cute prints, more sunshine, and warmer temps. Plus, we’re really feeling the spring collab between French artist and designer Nathalie Lété and H&M. Think: whimsical magic, bold florals, a whole lot of fun and cute overload, all at affordable prices starting at $4.99! Like, for REAL. Here are just a few pieces we adore — check out the full collection available for all kids in stores and online at H&M.

1. Patterned Dress

Right off the bat, this dress screams SPRING! I adore the mix of red, purple, and that touch of yellow on a dark background. It’s a truly sophisticated style, but it’s so soft and comfortable my daughter can rock it whether it’s for an Easter gathering or running around the playground. LOVE.

2. Kitten Tee

My daughter is a cat lady in training, so anything with kittens on it is a sure thing when it comes to my picky girl. This design is just so pretty and unique, I know she’ll love it. Plus, the gentle swing cut on this shirt makes it light and airy, which means she can wear it all summer too.

3. Open-Shoulder Dress

Last spring and summer, my kid lived in dresses, and I loved it because not only are they cute, but one-piece outfits make you feel like there’s a bit less laundry to do. I particularly love this one because it’s something she can play in, but can easily be made “fancy” with a pretty headband and some jewelry.

4. Patterned Leggings

These pants are just darling (and will look adorbs paired with the kitten tee!). My daughter has always loved leggings with a printed pattern, and I know she’s going to love these. But the real question is: Do these come in adult sizes? Asking for a friend. Okay, fine, it’s me.

5. T-Shirt With Printed Design and Shorts With Printed Design

If it’s creepy and crawly and slimy, my kid is into it. I grabbed both of these looks because I knew he’d LOVE them — and boy, does he ever. He’s constantly showing off that he knows the names of all the lizards. The gorgeous artwork is just stunning while also looking fierce and like it’s about to leap off that shirt and scare me. Huh, just like my kid.

6. Patterned Shorts and Patterned T-Shirt

Because my boy can’t get enough, I grabbed this tee for him, too, because OMG SO CUTE. He loves playing “find the tiger” on his shirt, and as I said before, he’s all about those chameleons. I love the pop of color with the hibiscus blossom. This is just an adorable and really unique boy’s shirt you won’t find anywhere else.

And the best part of taking your kids shopping at H&M? You can buy some new springy things for yourself too. What? It’s allowed! Because have you seen the fashion at H&M? Get ready to SLAY.

Shop the Spring Kids collection at H&M with pieces starting at just $4.99 now!