'Hocus Pocus' Heads Back To Theaters For Its 25th Anniversary And We're Squealing

by Valerie Williams
Image via IMDB/Disney

Celebrate Halloween with a 25th anniversary viewing of “Hocus Pocus” in theaters

You guys, life is rough these days. The news is scary and being a parent is stressful AF so when I saw that my favorite movie ever, Hocus Pocus, was returning to theaters this month just in time for Halloween, I figured our three favorite witchy sisters were throwing us a bone from beyond the grave during these bleak and terrible times.

The thought of seeing Hocus Pocus on the big screen as a grown-up lady who can buy all the candy and popcorn she desires is extremely exciting. Because if you’re anything like me, it’s still 1993 in your head and this movie is still relevant as ever. Go ahead — let anyone try to tell you you’re wrong.

That’s why finding out I have another chance to see the Sanderson sisters and all their antics in theaters is pretty much the best thing I’ve heard in a good month or so. The film returns to celebrate its 25th anniversary and also, we’re pretending that’s a total lie because there’s no way in heck it’s been 25 years since I first pondered as a fifth grader what on earth a virgin was. I am still young and beautiful and boys will love me.

It’s playing at AMC theaters nationwide starting October 26th and running through October 31st. What better way to work in something fun amid finding all the parts needed for your son’s annoying Fortnite costume and stopping your dog from eating the jack-o’-lantern you lovingly carved all by yourself because the kids lost interest seven minutes in?

We need this. Hell, we deserve this.

It’s early days yet, so you still have several weeks to decide between you and your best mom friends who gets to be who when you hit the theater in full costume — I call dibs on Mary.

Get your tickets here.