Here's The Perfect Parody For The Sh*t-Show That Is A Post-Election Thanksgiving

by Maria Guido
Image via YouTube

The Holderness Family perfectly parodies the stress of a post-election Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving next week! Isn’t that everyone’s favorite time of year? Getting together with family to eat copious amounts of food, drink a ton, and just laugh and love?

Unless of course it happens to fall a few weeks after the most contentious election in the history of ever. Now we’re all anticipating the nightmare of Uncle Ted after a few glasses of wine. He’s definitely not going to keep his mouth shut about the election results.

Help. How are we all going to get through this? Laughter. It’s the only way. Enter The Holderness Family:

The funny family sings along to Flo Rida’s hit song “My House” with new lyrics to reflect the likely tense vibe at many Thanksgiving tables next week. With Trump supporters and Clinton fans gathering around the same turkey, comments are bound to fly. But Penn and Kim’s smart suggestion of sitting together on the couch to sip wine and watch football is pretty much genius. They advise feuding families to drink away the anger and make amends with loved ones on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

The message definitely resonates and we can all use a laugh right now, so thanks, Holderness family!