6 Holiday Card Ideas To Really Wow Everyone

by Samantha Rodman
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It’s that time of year again! Get everyone dressed in matching outfits and snap a photo that you can turn into a timeless memento slash fun seasonal greeting card. You won’t have to feel guilty for not actually spending any time with friends and family during the year if you mail them one of these delightful photo cards. Just pick one of these adorable holiday card ideas, and you’ll be sure to get a reaction from friends and family alike!

1. Forget the posed pictures, everyone knows candid is much more fun and authentic. Snap some pictures as your two year old bites your five year old on the leg for stealing his toy. Get one of your face as you threaten to take away the damn iPad if your five year old doesn’t leave his brother’s stuff alone. Also, get one of the two year old screaming in time out as you sit there with your head in your hands at the kitchen table. This fun series of pictures will give everyone a strained chortle and your husband will be fielding lots of whispered questions about your mental health.

2. Have a cute little throwback Christmas card! Dig out those pictures of you from before you ever had kids. Remember the picture of you in the black dress at your thinnest weight ever in your twenties? This is the picture you want on everyone’s fridge, not you looking exhausted and out of shape in a stupid red holiday outfit. If someone asks about the children tell them to look at your Facebook profile.

3. Take a picture of the kids when you feel warmest toward them: when they are asleep! Don’t they just look like little angels? You can get pretty far with a sleeping angel motif. Even if you’re Jewish like me. Because who’s going to say anything to you when it’s so obvious that you’re unhinged enough to consider this normal?

4. Use a picture of your kids dressed up for Halloween. Oh good, you have one already? I thought so. Bam, multitasking.

5. Everyone dress in white. Then spend your entire morning screaming at them to stay away from dirt and food. Take a photo and immediately get everyone out of their white clothes. Take a Xanax and lay down.

6. Everyone dress like another family member for a real hoot! Put your baby in yoga pants and you wear a onesie. Don’t worry, you’ll look like Taylor Swift did at the Video Music Awards, but not as attractive! If your husband complains, put him in a princess dress while your 5 year old daughter wears jeans and a decrepit college T-shirt.

There you go, now you have no excuses not to have an awesome holiday card that will certainly set everyone’s tongues wagging. And hopefully net you some free babysitting when your family members think you’re having a nervous breakdown. Happy Holidays!

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