These Cat Scratchers Look Like A North Pole Village And Your Kitty Needs One

by Thea Glassman
Image via Target

These cat scratchers look exactly like a North Pole Village and MIGHT prevent the your house from being clawed to pieces

Okay, let’s be real here. No matter what you do, your cat can and will destroy every piece of furniture in a loving yet entirely maniacal way. However, if anything is going to distract them from their path of destruction it’s a cat scratcher that looks exactly like the North Pole Village. Yup, this is a thing now and you’re going to want it immediately for the felines in your home.

Your cat can knock over your Christmas tree and scratch that really nice new dresser you bought. OR they can get completely distracted by this Santa’s Toy Shop cat scratcher, which will lead to far fewer expletive-ridden rants on your part. It’s a very cute house with a cherry red roof, windows, and a doorway.

There’s also a super durable scratch board, made for heavy scratching. So, basically, your pet can flex their sharp nails for as long as they want and then take a little nap inside Santa’s workspace. The ultimate win-win. Oh and bonus points, the house can be assembled within minutes and requires zero tools.

Image via Walmart

Okay, so, Santa’s Toy Shop is fun and all…but a North Pole Village hot cocoa shop? Next level holiday cheer for your kitty. This one comes complete with dual-level scratch boards and has a jingle ball which will likely provide several hours of entertainment. This one is also super easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools.

Plus, it’s extremely on-brand with the winter season and will make an excellent addition to all of your decorations. Your cat will be happy, you’ll be very happy, and your house will get an even bigger boost of Christmas spirit (don’t worry, nobody in the family can complain about that).

Image via Walmart

If you’re currently on the fence, we’d like to point you immediately to the product review section, which is overwhelmingly glowing. Pretty much everybody said that their cats were impressed…and we all know how difficult it is to impress cats.

Here’s to a home that’s not entirely clawed and chewed up. Happy holidays to us.