You Made The Holidays Magical, Now It's Your Turn To Relax

You Made The Holidays Magical, Now It’s Your Turn To Relax

Sponsored by Green Roads

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Sponsored by Green Roads

It’s Christmas time, and I don’t know about you, but I am TIRED. I’ve made all the lists and checked them twice, and now all that’s left are the cooking and the nightly prayers to the delivery gods so all the presents arrive on time.

I’m ready for a vacation from the holidays, but the kids are going to be home from school for like FOREVER, so it’s not happening any time soon. That’s why I’m so freaking excited to tell you about my new holiday survival BFF Green Roads.

Yep, I’ve jumped on the CBD train, and I’m not getting off. You haven’t heard of it? Well, pull up a chair, lady, because this stuff is a lifesaver. It’s made from hemp, the slightly less sexy but still effective sibling of another well-known plant. It’s got plenty of good press from people who use it, and I’m happy to report they are not wrong. This stuff is fantastic.

Here’s why Green Roads is the best.

Made By a Pharmacist

Green Roads is different because it’s pharmacist formulated. It’s the only CBD brand that not only uses third-party testing by Evio Labs but also publishes the results of those tests online so you can feel good about what you’re buying. I really appreciate this level of transparency.

100% From Hemp

CBD from Green Roads is made completely from the hemp plant so that means it won’t impact your ability to get things done — because who has time for that during the holidays? It won’t slow you down, which is awesome, and it might help make the day a bit easier too. Which is REALLY awesome.

Relief That Won’t Break the Bank

CBD can be expensive, particularly when you’re fussy about quality. Green Roads is excellent quality for a great price, and that really matters to me. I like feeling good about any supplements I choose, and with this price point, I do.

All the Choices

Everyone is different, and that’s why Green Roads offers the biggest range of CBD oil dosages. I really like the 550MG oil, but Green Roads also has dosages that range from 100MG to 3500MG, and the dropper makes taking it super simple. Plus, you cannot beat their topical pain cream.

It Tastes Good

Hemp has a bit of a bitter taste, so it’s no surprise that CBD products can taste not-so-great. Green Roads has worked so hard to make everything taste great. The oil tastes like honey, and the Relax Bears are so yummy it’s hard to have just one or two. A spoonful of sugar really DOES help it go down, but there are capsules available too. As a reminder, you always want to make sure the Relax Bears (and all CBD products) stay far away from little hands.

Look, we get how impossible this time of year can be, so why not boost your self-care routine a bit and give yourself the gift of chill this Christmas?

Right now, Scary Mommies can get savings of 15% at Green Roads using the code SCARYMOMMY.

Note: As with all supplements, check with your doctor before use.