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Isaac Rosenthal

Having a baby is a full-time job. They explore constantly, rarely sleep through the night, and for some reason, are always crawling toward the most dangerous objects in the house.

When my baby was ready to start eating solids, I wanted to get it RIGHT. So I began researching how to make my own baby food. But with literally millions of sites full of conflicting info, I had no idea what to do. No, Janet, no one wants your tater tot casserole purée.

Plus, time is my most precious resource as a mom, and hitting a million stores to get all the right fresh, organic ingredients wasn’t going to happen if I also wanted showers and books and This Is Us in my life. OK, I mean dry shampoo and half an episode while the baby naps, but STILL. I didn’t want to spend all day cooking the food either.

I had resigned myself to just using the highest quality jarred food I could find when I learned about Raised Real who does all the work prepping quality, organically sourced, plant-based baby and toddler food and delivers it. Bonus? It’s ready to serve in minutes too. Now I have more time to focus on what matters most: hanging out with my kid…and the occasional Netflix binge.

Arrives Like Magic

Isaac Rosenthal

Every two weeks, I get a package containing baby and toddler meals that all sound like something I’d order at my fave vegan restaurant. Here’s what a sample menu might look like:

– Peas + Zucchini with hemp hearts, basil, and avocado oil

– Chickpeas + Tahini with cauliflower and turmeric – Broccoli + Green Beans with chickpeas, flaxseed, and avocado oil – Spinach + Banana with quinoa, chia, and coconut butter – Beet + Sweet Potato with date, cinnamon, and coconut butter

Organically Delightful

Isaac Rosenthal

Every single meal is 100% organically sourced and is flash frozen to preserve all the nutritional value of the food. The packets are designed for easy freezer storage and are 100% BPA free. All for less than 8 grams of sugar per serving. So you can have one less thing to feel mom guilt about.

Stupid Easy to Cook

Isaac Rosenthal

The idea of buying vast amounts of produce and then chopping, peeling, and cooking it for baby food just sounded exhausting, and thanks to my baby-derived sleep-deprived state, downright DANGEROUS. Raised Real meals can be dumped into a saucepan and steamed, or popped into a microwave safe bowl and nuked until ready. Then just dump in blender or mash with a fork and BOOM.

Yummy Recipes With a Purpose

Isaac Rosenthal

The ingredient combos don’t just sound fancy — mixing those foods in certain ways boosts their nutritional benefits. Raised Real makes meals that are balanced for digestion, muscle, and bone health. The recipe cards included with the meals break it all down for you.

Perfect for Every Stage

Isaac Rosenthal

Something else I love, almost as much as not having to harvest the food myself, is that their meals are flexible. It’s all about purees right now. But with Raised Real, you can change how it’s served as your baby grows. I’ll switch to mashing soon, and since the food arrives whole, it’s super easy to do that — and later it will be a snap to offer it as finger food.

Spice Spice Baby

Isaac Rosenthal

The variety of spices in Raised Real recipes help train your baby’s palate. In other words, so your baby won’t grow up and hate everything that isn’t a chicken nugget. But more importantly, these spices help to boost your baby’s immune system and fight inflammation.

100% Plant Based and No Big 8 Allergens

Isaac Rosenthal

Raised Real recipes are completely plant-based and free of the main eight allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy). Their Real Hotline is fab, too, especially since it’s via text because talking on the phone sucks even when you don’t have a baby.

What’s not to love about getting delicious baby food that is ready in minutes sent right to my house? Um, hey Raised Real, are you going to start an adult line soon? Because I LIVE if that happens.

Until then, I’ll keep subscribing to Raised Real because I love knowing my kid is getting the best food possible. And I love not having to grow and sustain my own organic garden to make it happen. It also makes a great baby shower gift for new moms who will soon realize that extra time and sleeping through the night are luxuries for people without kids.

Raised Real is committed to providing your baby and toddler with the freshest and healthiest food sourced from organic and sustainable farms. They offer free delivery, on your schedule. The price per meal is as low as $4.99, with no commitments ever.

This post is sponsored by Raised Real.

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