10 Honest Comments Kids Make (That We Wish We Could Make As Adults)

10 Honest Comments Kids Make (That We Wish We Could Make As Adults)

Sponsored by Jell-O Simply Good


Sponsored by Jell-O Simply Good

Presented by Jell-O

Kids can be painfully honest, and when they are, we kind of love it — don’t we? Imagine if you could say some of the things that your kids get away with! Unfortunately, some things aren’t as adorable coming out of the mouths of adults.

Probably the best thing about being a kid is that no one holds you accountable for the painfully honest things that come out of your mouth all day long. You can basically say anything you want — and you’re still considered adorable. Kids have it made.

1. “I’m bored.”

How many times a day do you want to blurt this out? Somehow, little Jenny saying it during Thanksgiving dinner is a laugh for the whole table. You might not want to follow her lead though.

2. “I’m not eating that.”

A child’s favorite phrase. We have a little something called “manners” to adhere to. Kids? Not so much.

3. “Your breath is stinky.”

Nothing cuter than a toddler shaming Aunt Rita when she goes in for the hug.

4. “Can I be done?”

We don’t want to sit through Uncle Jeff’s stories after Thanksgiving dinner either! Unfortunately, kids are the only ones who can use this phrase to escape.



5. “Is that a baby in your tummy?”

I mean, we’ve all wondered, but we know better than to ask!

6. “You can’t dance.”

So tempting the 500th time your husband steps on your toes. Kids are the only ones who can get away with this brand of blunt honesty though.

7. “Please stop singing.”

Your teenager may do a painful rendition of “Wrecking Ball.” Your small child is the only one who’s going to get away with telling her that though.

8. “Your hair looks weird.”

Did you just get back from the salon? Avoid small children at all costs.

9. “What is that on your face?”

That mole you were certain no one noticed? That stray chin hair that keeps you up at night? Kids are totally allowed to draw attention to these things. But don’t follow their lead.

10. “Is that all you got me?”

It’s innocent! They don’t mean anything by it. They’re just waiting for the other, better part of their gift that must be coming, right? You know you’ve wanted to say the same on Christmas morning — admit it.

Kids are innocent in their oblivion, and that’s why we love them. If you ever want an honest answer, ask a child.

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