Anyone Who's Planned A Wedding Can Appreciate This Scathingly Honest RSVP Card

by Maria Guido
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Planning a wedding is no easy feat. There are way too many choices that need to be made in advance of the epic event. The budget! The dress! The color scheme! The flowers! The wedding party! The invitations! The location! It goes on and on and on. Then once you finally make all the decisions, you need to invite people and figure out if they’re coming. This may be the hardest part.

Figuring out how many people you have to feed and entertain at your wedding is a painful and obvious step to the successful planning of the day. The problem? Everyone sucks at RSVPing.

Enter this hilarious wedding RSVP card, uncovered by Someecards. You probably won’t have too many guests (or friends) left if you actually use something like this. But let it provide some much-needed comic relief — even if you’d never send it.

“Will attend and will bring a date even though the invite offered no indication that I could bring a date, but you’re cool with it, right?” Happens. All. The. Time.

“I think the institution of marriage is archaic and sexist and I look forward to voicing my position repeatedly to whomever at my table will listen.” The traditionally open bar is a recipe for disaster.

“Can’t wait to regift the shit out of the hideous duvet cover you gave me at my wedding.” Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

“Vegan and I refuse to share a table with non-vegans.” Do people really send dietary restrictions on wedding RSVPs? That’s not a thing, is it? Please don’t let that be a thing.

Again, RSVPing is hard.

With all the Bridezilla jabs out there, the bride and groom should get a laugh themselves. You know there are a ton of people who actually sympathize with this faux-RSVP. The RSVP was uploaded to Imgur with only the headline, “The ultimate wedding RSVP card.”

Be kind to your future bride and groom friends, folks. Wedding planning ain’t easy.

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