All The Dads We Wanted To Call 'Daddy' In 2018

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram/TheRock/ChrisHemsworth/PrideOfGypsies

When it comes to this year’s what can we say except ‘You’re Welcome’

2018 has been quite a decade, huh? Well technically, it may have only been one calendar year but it felt like it was least 10 years long. There were very few redeeming people and/or events this year, which is why we all need this list.

Without further ado, we bring you: All The Dads We Wanted To Call ‘Daddy’ Of 2018.

Jason Momoa

First up, the man whose sheer stature and size alone is enough to pen a thousand romance novels.

Add in the fact that he’s a doting dad and partner to Lisa Bonet and you’ve got yourself this year’s most popular “Daddy.” Remember when he peformed the haka with his kids on the blue carpet for is Aquaman premiere?


Chris Hemsworth

He’s Thor. He’s also Australian, which everyone knows is 100% synonymous with drop-dead gorgeous (I dare you to conjure up one famous Australian who isn’t).

Plus, he’s a great dad and husband to his wife, Elsa Pataky.

The Rock

Tall? Check. Dashing? Check. Devoted dad and partner to Lauren Hashian? Double check.

The Rock is one of those celebrity parents regularly posts about his kids, but in a way that makes him more endearing and never comes across as performative.

You can tell he’s just genuinely in love with his life. Swoon. Major Daddy status.

David Beckham

Every time David Beckham shares a tender, sweet post about his daughter Harper, an angel gets its wings. That is a FACT.

He and Victoria have four boys in addition to sweet Harper: Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo.

While there are about a million ways their lives are completely unrelatable to ours, their family unit is a strong one. It’s endearing to see.

Idris Elba

Since Hollywood is crazy and doesn’t want to give him the title of James Bond, we’re honored to title him as one of our “Daddies” of the year.

He’s the father of 16-year-old Isan and 4-year-old Winston.

He regularly shares proud dad moments in addition to videos with words of wisdom and just general eye candy. We stan.

Mark Consuelos

Do I watch Riverdale? Nope. You don’t have to, though, in order to appreciate this Daddy.

Between his looks (sorry not sorry) and his undeniable devotion to his children and his wife, Kelly Ripa, slapping him on this list was a no-brainer.

The entire family is a feast for the eyes, honestly. They’re also very fun to follow on social media. But this list is just for dads, so…keep doing what you do, Mr. Consuelos.

Prince Harry

Listen, he might not be a dad yet, but 2019 needs all the positivity we can thrust into it — so we’re getting a jump start by adding everyone’s favorite gingerbeard to this list.

In a family not exactly known for their outward emotions and exuberant warmth, Harry shows all of that and then some, public royal role be damned.

Meghan, we feel you gurl.

The anticipation for the Harry/Meghan baby is at a fever-pitch for pretty much everyone, if for no other reason than we all love and adore the two of them for modernizing a stifling institution (yes, yes, Will and Kate have too). They’re both a breath of fresh air and seriously, hes adorable.

While this list is, of course, tongue-in-cheek, its existence is based on one eternal truth: there is nothing sexier than a man who loves his family.

Cheers to all the Daddies of 2018 and all the ones yet to come.