A New 'House Hunters' Series Will Feature Comedians Narrating Episodes

by Christina Marfice
A New 'House Hunters' Series Featuring Comedian Commentary Is Coming

Here’s how House Hunters is planning to release incredible new content during quarantine

During coronavirus quarantine, a lot of shows have had to suspend production — or get really creative about how they’re going to continue filming episodes while keeping casts and crews socially distanced and safe. On the other hand, those of us at home are really bored after weeks (or even months) of lockdown, and we need new content. What’s a network to do? HGTV has it figured out and is bringing us the new House Hunters viewing experience we never knew we needed.

It’s called House Hunters: LOL, and it will feature comedians on a conference call doing their own commentary while they watch old episodes of the show. You know, that thing you and your friends do on Sunday afternoons when you get home from brunch with a good mimosa buzz. Except these are people who are professionally funny, and we truly can’t wait to see what they have to say about this HGTV classic.

House Hunters is a play-along phenomenon that has long inspired drinking games, snarky social media commentary and spoofs on late night television,” said Jane Latman, president, HGTV in a release. “While we’re #HomeTogether, House Hunters: LOL will amp up the fun by combining our favorite comedians with one of America’s favorite shows.”

This is a great idea, because at this point, it’s basically a meme to make fun of House Hunters. The show is just over-the-top in all the best ways. Like, how do a professional dog walker and a miniature portrait painter have a $2-million budget for ocean-front property?

And why is it that the most customizable and replaceable parts of the house are apparent dealbreakers for these House Hunters couples? Karen, you can re-paint the entryway. You don’t need to nix the entire mansion that has everything on your wish list for a reasonable price because you’d prefer another shade of beige on the walls.

And don’t even get me started on some of these couples’ unrealistic kitchen expectations. Oh, it was remodeled in November of 2019 but you’d like it updated, Sharon? The floor doesn’t match the bathrooms, Linda? There’s no walk-in pantry in this city-center townhome that costs $70 per square foot, Melissa?

But that’s the commentary that’s already been done by all of us when we drunk-watch House Hunters. We can’t wait to see what some professional funny people have to say when they sit down and watch.

No word yet on what episodes they’re going to watch, but we can only hope that HGTV busts out some of the classics (the infamous throuple episode, please and thank you). And we don’t know what comedians will be involved, but with material like House Hunters, does it really matter?

House Hunters: LOL will premiere for a six-episode run sometime in June.