The House Of Representatives Has A 'No Sleeveless' Dress Code For Women

by Cassandra Stone

A sleeveless dress can keep a woman from being able to do her job in Washington

Who knew sexist dress codes that exist purely to punish girls for merely having limbs are also a thing in adulthood? Specifically if you’re a female reporter simply attempting to do your job in Washington. More specifically, Paul Ryan can’t handle the sight of a shoulder in his sacred workspace because he apparently finds it to be a distraction in the House of Representatives.

CBS is reporting that a female reporter recently tried to enter the Speaker’s lobby outside the House chamber, but was dismissed because “her outfit was considered inappropriate because her shoulders weren’t covered.” According to the CBS story, the woman was wearing a sleeveless dress.

Now before you get all #FakeNews about it, many reporters are corroborating that claim on Twitter.

Kellie Mejdrich, a reporter with CQ Roll Call, confirms she has fallen victim to Operation: Sexist And Asinine Dress Code.

While this dress code is apparently nothing new, K Tully McManus went on to tweet that “issues arise annually as D.C. heats up each spring/summer.” While these rules also aren’t something Republicans made up, Paul Ryan is our Republican Speaker of the House, and this dress code is ultimately left to his discretion.

Have you ever been to D.C. in the summer? It’s excruciatingly hot. Sitting in a sauna for a half-hour is probably more comfortable than walking around Washington D.C. during the unbearable humidity summer brings to the area. There isn’t a clinical strength deodorant on the market that could combat those temperatures. Thus sleeveless dresses. Problem solved!

Last month, Ryan addressed the House and reminded everyone to “wear appropriate business attire.” Sigh. Look, there is a huge difference between abiding by a professional dress code and showing up to the House chambers in a “stars-and-bars” bikini top and a thong. A couple of inches of visible shoulder skin should never, ever be grounds for keeping an accomplished woman from doing her job. (Neither should a patriotic bikini, but we digress.)

While men in the House also must abide by the rules and wear a suit jacket, if one of them were to be dismissed for wearing a jacket-less shirt, the message would be “you look sloppy” instead of “the patriarchy deems exposed parts of your body make men too uncomfortable to work.”

Here’s an idea: stop with the sexist dress codes already. Get your shit done. Let women and girls get their shit done. The end.

H/T Jezebel